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Constilation Project (Aries)

No description

Landon Jones

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Constilation Project (Aries)

Double click anywhere & add an idea Aries (The Ram) This is one of the 13 zodiac signs
It was one of the first added
Also it is best seen in latitudes +90 Degrees and -60 Degrees The Babylonians, the Egyptians, the greeks, and the persians all agreed on this constellations name of the Ram. Int the greek mythology, the story of the ram begins in Thessaly. The king of Thessaly had children named Phrixus and Helle who were beaten by their stepmother. The god Hermes became angered and sent a ram to carry the two children to safety Tragiclly, Helle lost her grip and tumbled into a narrow strip of water between Europe and Asia, now callled Hellespont in her honor. Phrixus, on the other hand, arrived safetly on the shores of the blacks sea where he sacrificed the ram and gave its fleece to a sleepless dragon for safe keeping. Later, Jason and his intrepid Agronauts recovered the prized the flleecce and returned it to Thesssaly. Shratan- Blue-25,000 K
Hamai- Orange- 3,500-5,000
Mesarthim- White 5,000-6,000 Star Temparatures By: Landon Jones Alpha Arietis(Hamal) Second Magnitude Brightest Star

Translates into the head of sheep

It shines with a reddish color and is some 55 times brighter and 5 times more massive than the sun
Beta Arietis (Sheratan)

2.7 Magnitude

67 light years from earth Gamma Arietis Mesarthim

4.6 Magnitude
Double Star
Lambda Arietis

133 light years from earth

5 and 7 magnitude Pi Arietis
Blue-White Star
8.8 magnitude 30 Arietis

Double Star Yellow Color
6.6 Magnitude 53 Arietis 53 Arietis

6.6 Magnitude

Runaway Star
Characterized by space velocity and a large motion through the sky THE END THE END THE END THE END LOL THE END LOL admit it you know that was cool
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