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Elle Magazine Front Cover Analysis

No description

Lillie Lague

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of Elle Magazine Front Cover Analysis

Elle Magazine Analysis The masthead for the magazine has been stereotypically positioned at the top of the front cover so that it stands out but also because this is where the audience know for the masthead to be. The typography of the masthead is tall and skinny which connotes the desired figure for a woman in the media. The style is very smart and sophisticated but is in upper case to stand out whilst the colour white is calm and tranquil connoting a representation of peace and purity. The date and price of the magazine has been placed beneath the masthead in the right third of the page layout. The typography style is still the same whilst again the entire word is in upper case to become more distinctive to the reader although the sice of the font is much smaller as the price is not to be the most eye catching piece on the page so that it doesn't put the reader off its purchase. Here the word 'Exclusive' has been used to make the story more appealing as the reader feels like they are becoming part of a secret if they read the article. The word is in capital letters so that it is eye catching to the reader whilst the main title of the article is in a bold font as well as being upper case. This is so that the reader is intrigued as to what the title may mean as it gives no clues until the sub-heading of this is read which is positioned closely beneath the title and briefly explains the story without giving it away so the readers feel they must find out. The typography of the sub-heading is in lower case and is of a slimmer font in lower case which is more feminine and calm compared to the style of the other text. Here another article has been listed on the right of the page specifically in third column where it makes it easier for the reader to notice as it gives a clear structure to the layout of the page. The word 'confessions' appears to be the title of this article, in a bold typography and capital letters. The word confessions can also be related to a secret affair which again attracts the reader as they feel they can be part of the story. The explanation beneath is also in capital letters but is less significant as it is not bold although the word addict has been used suggesting to the audience that the article relates to a serious matter. Like the article above and the majority of text on the cover, the font is white contrasting to the raspberry colour background. The typography used for this strap line is tall but skinny so it isn't as eye catching as some of the other text. Although it is in capital letters which emphasizes the importance of the text which is used as a marketing tool to draw readers in. As it is at the bottom of the page it is another incentive which helps to lure the reader in after they have previously read the other storylines and been attracted by the main image. The main image of American actress Cameron Diaz has been used as she is a well-known celebrity and will therefore attract a large market. She is known for acting in a variety of style of films and is therefore recognized by a wide range of audiences old and young. She has been dressed in a Chanel dress which features in the magazine creating synergy between them. The dress is white which connotes purity and peace which may subconsciously make the magazine more appealing to readers who think by the style of the front cover the magazine will be relaxing to read. Her makeup is subtle along with her hair which appears to have been naturally swept across her face covering her eye and therefore connoting that she is hiding something which may be revealed within the magazine. Her lips are a slight pink tone which appear seductive to not only a male audience but according to the Laura Mulvey theory, women as well who will appreciate the way she looks through direct address as she appears to stare at them. Here the main feature has been positioned in the left third as it is usually the first article seen by the reader because within the magazine industry the main features are conventionnally positioned in the left third and therefore this section is considered the most important as it is the first thing the reader notices. The typography style of the main feature must be the most eye catching article on the page and for that reason it is in capital letters and the words 'winter fashion' are the largest of the heading as it is a short phrase that is easier to remember and attract the readers attention. Most significantly the word fashion has been placed on the cover of a 'fashion' magazine and therefore its target audience will automatically be attracted by this as they know the magazine will include what they want it too. The phrase is also larger than the words 'all your' as this text isn't as relevant and therefore it is smaller and not bold unlike the rest of the feature. The font is white which is significant to the word winter as it relates to snow which is white and although it crosses the cover girls white dress it is still slightly visible and the most important letters that make the words readable are visible. This sub-feature is in a black font which is different to all the other features on the page but this is because the text has been placed on top of a white dress and would therefore not be visible if it was white. Although it is black it doesn't drastically stand out as different from the rest. The typography is in a girly handwriting which is appealing to a female audience. Contrasting to this, the word 'highstreet' is in capital letters as the magazine is fairly expensive compared to other fashion magazines as its target market of fashionable women of a higher class would be willing to pay this for the luxury of the magazine and therefore the word high street attracts a market of lower class people. The word 'now' is a demand which is eye catching to the reader as it is not asking them or trying to persuade them it is telling them what to do and therefore the consequences of this are that they feel they have to buy it due to the magazine telling them that they must find out what is inside. Here the cover girl image is being captioned in this sub-story which uses white typography against the raspberry background sharing the same colours as the dress worn by Camera Diaz. The entire substory here is in upper case letters to show that it is important and the word Cameron diaz' is in bigger letters than the other substories on the page excluding the main feature. As the font is white and so is her dress, where the last few letters of her name cover her dress it is hardly visible, however by the audiences instant response to her face and her unique surname it is acceptable to have this as we already know what it will say. The description beneath her name is very appealing to the target market because the words 'Hollywood' and 'golden girl' make her sound aspirational and special. Here is another sub-story however it has been placed in an unusual place in the world of magazines where this is not stereotypically conventional as it could be suggested that it is taking the attention away from the masthead although Elle magazine regularly do this and therefore they must be confident that there masthead is still significant with the additional story and for this reason it has allowed them to include an extra sub-story. This is a clever way of marketing also as 9/10 times the first thing the reader will look out whether they do it intentionally or not is the masthead and therefore they will automatically notice the text there too which will then lure them into purchasing the magazine. The first part of the story is in a bold font as this is the part which would be most appealing to the target market including the words party which targets almost all young people and make-up which is essential in a fashion magazine and with the addition of the word 'easy' audiences recognize that they need to read this as they want easy make-up. All of it is white and in capital letters to show that it is an important part of the magazine and also so that it fits in with the style of the entire cover. The background colour of the magazine is made up of shades of the raspberry colour that matches the detail on the Chanel dress. A darker tone is close around the main image acting as a shadow and the colour gets lighter from here onwards attracting the audiences attention to the centre so that they are drawn to look at the main image. Elle magazine is a worldwide lifestyle magazine that focuses mainly on fashion and beauty and its audience are women aged between 18 and 49 and therefore this deep colour of pink is ideal to target a general mass audience of women as pinky colours are stereotypically associated with girls and therefore this magazine will instantly appeal to them. This shade in particular works very well as if it was a brighter shade it could have appeared to young and girly, however this shade being darker, is more mature attracting mature women.
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