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Sky Lee

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Math

Investigation 1 Question:
A. You are the manager of the bumper car arena and you want to find out the area and perimeter of this bumbercar arena
B.There is a fixed cost for these rail sections;
perimeter and the bumper floor tiles; area, what are the costs?? Answer:
There are 44 rail walls and
84 bumper floor tiles
It costs 2,100 dollars for the floor and
1,320 dollars to build the rail walls
I would get a piece of paper
and start counting the perimeter
and area and figure the question out Investigation 2 Question:
This is a odd irregular shape with no perfect sides
A.How do you find perimeters of odd shapes like this?
B.How do you find the area of odd shapes like this? Answer:
Using String for Perimeter and Using
grid paper to measure the area Investigation 3 and
Investigation 4 This is an example when there are
two rectangles with the exact area
but different peremeters. What was the Basic Big understanding/
idea of Investigation 3 and investigation 4? The big Understanding for investigation 3
is when a rectangle/Square or any other shapes
area is constant the perimeter is variable. The big understanding for investigation 4
si when a rectangle/ Square or any other shapes
perimeter is constant their area is variable. This is an example when there
are two rectangles with the same
perimeters but different areas. Investigation 5 Question:
How do you measure a parallelograms perimeter and area?
Before After Answer: This is how you find
the area easily Answer: You use the perpendicular height
to estimate the perimeter measure of the
parallelogram Investigation 6 Question:
How do you measure the area and perimeter of
a triangle easily? Answer:
By using this formula
Triangle x 2 = Parallelogram-
(Height / 2) X (Width / 2)=Perimeter of Triangle
Area / 2= Area of Triangle Investigation 7 Question:
how do you measure the area and the
circumference of a circle easily? Area Equation- R2 x pi = A Circumference Equation- D x pi = C Before After
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