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Willis and the Disappearing Unicorns

Mushroom Story

Angela Zhang

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of Willis and the Disappearing Unicorns

by Seanne and Jenny Willis and the Disappearing Unicorns Once upon a time... There were these tiny people who were banished to the clouds. They built mushroom houses, and a whole new world was made. These "people" were known as Munchkins. In these clouds, there lived an exceptionally small munchkin boy named Willis. He was a typical munchkin child: he had a loving family and a faithful pet mushroom named Squirt. Willis led a very peaceful life, he liked everything the way it was until... As Willis stood quietly on the side watching the confusion, he thought, "Even if I am so small, can I help?", but obviously, no one thought he could. So he left the scene, dissolved in his own thoughts. Willis decided to journey through the clouds to the neighboring magical land of Stork, the land where all the unicorns lived (well, at least used to live). Willis left a brief note for his parents, gathered Squirt and some supplies, and left with a temporary goodbye. Willis and Squirt traveled for 8 days.When they finally arrived at their destination, they noticed that Stork didn't have its usual bright and magical feeling. "The unicorns are gone!!!", a shopkeeper yelled, "They're gone!". It was utter chaos in the clouds. Well, you see, unicorns are to munchkins, as horses are to humans, only unicorns have magical abilities, and everyone loved them. Well, almost everyone. Willis searched every nook and cranny of Stork for any type of clue to help him solve this dilemma. Stork was a land where bad munchkins went for rehab. There were hardly any bad munchkins in the clouds, there had only been 4 evil munchkins in the last century. Their names were: Al Munchpone, Leokin, and Moldemort. They are the only ones who would be capable, and evil enough to cause such a crime. Al Muchpone never came back from rehab-no one knew what happened to him. Leokin came back from rehab, but he died soon after. And last of all, Moldemort: he had lost all his power when Harry Motter defeated him. As Willis walked through the dark clouds, he pondered on this thought: Why would anyone want to cause such a terrible crime? How could they have done this? And mainly, WHO would have done such horrible thing? There was only one person who could have made the unicorns disappear: Al Munchpone. Willis just knows it was Al that made the unicorns disappear, he also knows that Al is an extremely powerful and evil sorcerer. WIllis and Squirt would NEVER be able to defeat him alone, so Willis decides to travel back to the Munchkin town to recruit a group of Munchkins to help Willis and Squirt get the unicorns back. LOOK FOR THE CONTINUATION OF WILLIS AND THE DISSAPPEARING UNICORNS!!!!!

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