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Risky Buisness

No description

Dali Bloom

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of Risky Buisness

Risky Business
Physical Effect
Social Effects
When using tobacco, not only it affects you physically but also socially. Have you ever thought what would happen to your social life when using tobacco? Here's the answer. When using tobacco there can be relationship breakdowns, example your friends can go against you and think you're just really bad and not a really good friend. What if your family found out? What would they think? Do you think they will trust you with anything. Leave that and now think about what will happen to your job or career. If you are looking for a job, the company will only accept you if you are a clean, healthy and mature person. This can be found out by using the new, advanced technology. So change your thoughts of using tobacco as it affects you socially.
Emotional Effects
Emotional effects are your feelings when taking tobacco or after the use of tobacco. One emotional effect is fear. When taking tobacco the victim might start to feel anxious as he/she will be starting to change by health and appearance. The person can also feel angry and more violent leading to a depressed mind. On the other hand, taking tobacco can give you an excited feeling and also enjoyment because of nicotine, an ingredient in tobacco that addicts the product to your nerves.
Tobacco Use
Tobacco is a drug that is burned and inhaled into the body that changes the body bit by bit. The use of tobacco can effect you socially, emotionally and physically.
One of the physical effects of tobacco use is lung cancer.
Lung cancer is when your lung tissues die out and get diseased. This mostly happens when smoking as you breathe in tobacco.
Not only Lung cancer but heart, mouth and kidney cancers include. These diseases are caused by the tobacco containing products like cigarettes. Smoking can also lead to how you look. Yellow fingers, toes, mouth and a smelly atmosphere will occur. All these causes can finally lead to the person's death, especially if used by a young developing mind, as the brain cells are just developing and if destroyed it won't grow back.

Now what's your opinion on tobacco use?
What would you rather do, killing yourself bit by bit or growing into a healthy and clean person?

I hope I have been an influence to your decision of taking tobacco.
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