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ENT300 presentatition

Cendollicious De' Dessert Enterprise

Rafiq Jr.

on 17 December 2012

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Transcript of ENT300 presentatition

Business planning INTRODUCTION De' Dessert house Enterprise Nature of the business :
Our business is based on food manufacturing and distributing the products. Industry profile :
Our business is owned actively by partnership, incorporated as a De’ Dessert House Enterprise. we recognize the limitation of attempting to manufacture our products in a small premise. Future prospects of the business :
This business has good future prospects. It is because it has highly demand because we are producing new and unique products and it is different from others products. ⦁PURPOSE OF BUSINESS PLAN Entrepreneurs
-It is prepared as a guidelines entrepreneur similar business.
To study and evaluate the feasibility of the business Customers
-To serve a customer with efficiency and effectiveness in term of product and services . Employees
-To encourage cooperation among staff to achieve the target in the specific period of time. Supplier
-To convince the supplier to supply raw materials effectively and efficiently and getting the long credit term. ⦁BUSINESS BACKGROUND Business Address :

UiTM Shah Alam,
Shah Alam, 40450 Selangor Date of Commencement :

1st January 2013

Date of business registration :

1st December 2012 Business Registration Number :
Name of bank :
Bank Islam
Bank account Number :
120042012000073 BUSINESS LOCATION De’ Dessert House Enterprise will be operated at DataranCendekia, UiTM Shah Alam, Selangor. This location very strategic because the position of Dataran Cendekia is at center of three nearest Colleges which are “Kolej Melati”, “Kolej Mawar”, and “Kolej Teratai”. This Dataran Cendekia is opposite with Faculty of Engineering and beside with the Faculty of Dentistry and Faculty of Science Computer and Mathematics. The location of De’ Dessert House Enterprise is at the left of BIMB. The shop building is actually like food court that already provide with tables and chairs. This area also provided with facilities like toilet, telephone line, wireless line, water and electric service MARKETING

Prepared the materials
Boiling and melting Brown sugar with “Pandan leafs”
Cooling Process Brown sugar
Boiling process (Banana/Sweet Potatoes/Pumpkin and etc)
Cooling Process (remove the water)
Mashing Process (Banana/Sweet Potatoes/Pumpkin and etc)
Inspection of its quality
Keeping in tray for selling process
Ready to sell and distribute to customer OPERATION OBJECTIVES
To have a good relationship with the suppliers and customers.
Ensure the enough materials and use any opportunities to fulfill the customer’s need.
To maximize our profit and minimize cost of production. OPERATIONS PLAN Advertising
Sales promotion
Public Relations and Publicity PROMOTION PRODUCT

Our products’ names are “Cendollicious” and “Mashtag”.

We only modified the original terms which is “Cendol” and “Pengat” to more marketable and exclusive name. MARKETING STRATEGIES We estimated 10% from our target market will purchase at Dataran Cendekia with minimum purchases is RM 2.50 each per day.
Total target market = 10800 people
Market size estimation = 10% x 10800 people
= 1080 people x RM 2.50 each
= RM 2700 per day
= RM 2700 x 30 days

Total market size = RM 81000 Per Month
= RM 972000 Per Year
  MARKET TREND AND SIZE There are three nearest colleges and three nearest faculties and the estimated population are:
KolejMelati : 4000 people
KolejMawar : 4000 people
KolejTeratai : 2000 people

Faculty of Engineering : 500 people
Faculty of Dentistry : 100 people
Faculty of Science Computer and Mathematics : 200 people TARGET MARKET There are many flavors of Cendol that also offered by us such as strawberry, chocolate, mango,raspberry and many more.
In Malay, ‘Mashtag’ actually also known as ‘Pengat’. However, our ‘Mashtag’ had been innovating and upgrade to new menu. This ‘Mashtag’ will be offered in many flavors such as Mashtag Pumpkin, Mashtag Banana, Mashtag Sweet Potatoes, Mashtag Cassava and many more.
Our product is a HALAL product where we are using high quality of flour and fresh ingredient. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION PROJECT IMPLEMENTATION SCHEDULE OPERATIONAL BUDJET The operation process are as follows :
Prepared the materials
Boiling Water (Pandan Leafs and Green Beam Flour)
Cooling Process (remove the water)
Shaping process
Keep in freeze about three hours
Inspection of its quality
Keeping in freeze
Ready to sell and distribute to customer OPERATION PROCESS MARKETING BUDGET In pricing strategy, we are using have chosen competitors based pricing. Here, the range of our competitors’ price.
For Cendol
Competitor price: RM 3.50
Our price: RM 3.00
For Mashtag
Competitor price: RM 2.80
Our price: RM 2.50 PRICE Our quality is measured in terms of durability, reliability, precision, ease of operation and any other factors that contribute to the product’s ability to perform its function. Quality Make ‘Cendollicious and Mashtag’ one of the famous products in market
Increase the number of customer
Maintain positive and steady growth each month.
Experience an increase in new customers who are turned into long-term customers.
Salary increment is given to the workers based on performance and profit every year
Annual Leave
Workers are given one day leave once a week which is on Friday.

Medical Leave
Releasing the workers who are not feeling well after getting the ratification from the doctor.
Maternity Leave
For women workers, they have their maternity leave for 60 days
Employee Provident Funds (EPF)
Under the EPF Act 1951, the workers have to contribute 12 percentage of employee’s salary as saving. Employees have to make monthly contribution. This is a scheme where money is then made available on employees on their treatment. This is to make sure the workers are not destitute once they retire from work.
Under Workers Social Safety Act 1969, workers will contribute 2 percentage of their salary for their welfare. EMPLOYMENT BENEFIT SCHEDULE OF REMUNERATION 1.generate a better income with the higher rate of profit in order to raise up the business capital to stabilize the business position.
2. Try to get through into monopolizing of Muslim or the Malay’s over this kind of business.
3. To expand our business operation.
4. To ensure that the business is always computable and can deal with any kind of computable incurred in the future. Long Term Objectives SOURCES OF FINANCING PROJECT IMPLEMENTATION COST AND SOURCES OF FINANCE To determine the size of investment.
To identify the purpose the relevant sources of finance.
To ensure that the initial capital is sufficient.
To appraise the viability of the project before actual investment is committed.
To be used as a guideline for implementation. IMPORTANCE OF FINANCIAL PLAN Financial strategies should be average in detail such as :-
Find the potential space or size to invest in the project implementation cost.
The cash flow should be enough for carry on the business.
Make sure the expenses in each part are maximized.
To make sure the account is balance. FINANCIAL STRATEGIES To maximize profit
To know the profit.
To make proper planning and avoiding wasting.
To encourage the cost that determined all type of products.
To know the cash flow.
To minimum the cost and find the reality cost. OBJECTIVES OF FINANCIAL PLAN ADMINISTRATION BUDGET LIST OF OFFICE EQUIPMENT ORGANIZATION CHART 1. To introduce the product to the public and maintain the potential customer.
2. Create and maintain a working environment that has positive values and the personal growth of employees.
3. To ensure that business are run properly and smoothly
4. To get maximum profit with higher quality
5. To reduce overhead cost. Short Term Objectives TABLE OF DEPRECIATION BUDGET
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