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Be Our Guest

No description

Kate Dufner

on 9 July 2013

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Transcript of Be Our Guest

Disney is one of the most successful companies in the world. It is recognized across the globe as having excellent customer service and success in all facets of their businesses. All of the theme parks in the top 6 most attended in the world list belong to Disney. They are involved with film, amusement parks, television, toys, internet, and stage shows. The secrets behind the "magic" Disney however are not complex, they are tools and processes that every business can use to grow their customer service success.
Movie Clip
Disney Institute
By Kate Dufner
Be Our Guest
Quality Service Cycle
The Disney Institute has come up with a cycle of quality service that they implement into every part of their business for success.
Definition- The art and science of knowing and understanding customers through the use of budget, market, and consumer research.
Service Theme
Service Standards
Delivery Systems
The Quality Service Cycle
A Simple Statement that becomes the driving force of service.
Disney's Service Statement: To create happiness for people of all ages, everywhere.
Delivery Systems of a Service Theme
Their motto- You never get a second chance to make a first impression.
Traditions 1 day training program
Dress code
"Everything speaks"
Guestology Compass
Guidelines for Guest Service
Make Eye Contact and Smile
Greet, Welcome, and Thank Every Guest
Seek Out Guest Contact
Provide Immediate Service Recovery
Display Appropriate Body Language At All Times
Preserve the Magical Guest Experience
Disney's Guest Service Guidelines
Optional critera that ensure the consistent delivery of the service theme
The Welfare and peace of mind of guests are always provided for.
Every guest must be treated like a VIP
Seamless and exceptional entertainment for guests.
Smooth operation of the theme parks and resorts.
The easiest way to win over a customer is to give them attention.
Treat customers like guests, who you would greet respectably.
If a guest looks like they are lost, go up and help them! They will remember it and come back to visit again.
Sometimes mistakes happen, but a customer who deals with an incident and has it handled and resolved properly is twice as likely to give a positive recommendation of their service, as opposed to someone whose stay went off without a hitch.
Make sure you are not slouching and that you are facing the guest when speaking to them. You do not want to seem like they are not your first priority.
Guests come to Disney for a magical stay, and every guest should be able to experience that.
Attention to detail, both good and bad.
A family of three needs access to a family bathroom for their special needs child.
A family wants to find a place to buy a soda for their child.
Overweight people are lazy. The person who is overweight in the wheelchair may have a medical condition and needs special care and attention
People feel excitement when they watch the fireworks in the magic kingdom.
Guest Service is key in pleasing guests and ensuring that they come back to your establishment for repeat business.

Components of setting: Architectural design, Landscaping, Lighting, Color, Signage, Directional Design on carpet,Texture of floor surface, Focal Points and Directional Signs, Internal/External Detail, Music, Smell, Touch, Taste
Processes are in place to ensure that a guest's stay goes smoothly.
Fastpass is an example of a process to speed up guest service.
The process of bringing all of the elements of Quality service together to create a complex experience.
What I learned
"Everything Speaks"
Processes do matter
You are there to give the guest a magical experience
The Disney Institute is dedicated to customer service for businesses.
Smiling is the easiest way to win a guest over
Who could benefit from reading this book?
Anyone who is involved in the success of a business, from a CEO to a door greeter.
Would I recommend a soon to be extern to read this book?
Yes, I believe that they could learn a lot about the way a business is run, in order to understand more about the customer and the owner running the business.
How could what I've learned in this book benefit myself and my classmates during our externships and new careers?
I believe that it will help myself and my classmates understand the importance of process, customer service, and integration of all elements to creative a positive guest experience.
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