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PreziDay Europe 2013 - Hamburg, April 5th, 2013

A summary of the happenings of PreziDay Europe, an exciting event for everyone who uses and loves Prezi. Best in fullscreen!

Naomi Pentrel

on 15 April 2013

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Transcript of PreziDay Europe 2013 - Hamburg, April 5th, 2013

Visual Explanations
& Moves Visual Explanations & Moves Lightning
Hour Lightning Hour
The End
The End Visual Writing & Storytelling Visual Writing &
Networking Marketing
Identity Marketing
Identity Poetry
Preparation Poetry
Preparation Keynote: Why Ideas Matter Keynote: Why Ideas Matter The Day before PreziDay Europe The Day before PreziDay Europe The Ambassadors Gabrielle Paul Naomi Thursday, April 4th The PreziDay Europe started with an informal gathering of the Prezi Experts. After 4 hours of exhilarating discussions, the group went on to have dinner together and talk some more. The topic of most conversations, who would have guessed: Prezi! Reporting live from the event. The next morning the long awaited day is there. PreziDay Europe is starting and we are live there for you! Drew Banks, Prezi's head of Marketing and Sales, starts the conference with inspiring words: "Expert tips: Hold down ALT while selecting a frame will select only the frame, allowing you to only move, delete, change the frame." Check out the Prezi Experts program and get to know the speakers further: http://prezi.com/experts/ Drew Banks Chris Connick, the founder of Independent Prezi Training & Design UK and the manager of the Expert Program, continues and explains that there are "two main goals of presentation: to make people remember and make people react". Check out our tumblr:
http://preziamb.tumblr.com/ Prezi for Poetry and Narrative by Marcos Xalabarder "Prezi is the language of inspiration." Prezi preparation: Let’s think it through
by Melanie Schwarzer The German Approach to Prezi - Plan Ahead:
Structure your content
Know your environment:
Ipad - no flash/swf
Projector - know the resolution and format
Timing - how long is your presentation?
How long for planning? Melanie has one tip for all of us. If you think you are uncreative, "pretend to be creative"! You will be surprised. Ever wonder where to get animations?
Try: http://www.presentermedia.com/ Sharing ideas over a delicious lunch! "Keep it simple, short, emotional, desirable." Zooming is more than a transition;
it’s logical! 1. Think words:
Focus on key words instead of memorizing sentences. One key word per sentence. Your audience will remember thse key words and concepts!

2. Think content:
Practice, practice, practice so that you feel at home in and comfortable with the content of your prezi.

3. Think ahead:
Work towards a dialogue with the audience. Visual Writing and Storytelling with Prezi Zooming and rotation have meaning. Zooming in can show importance, that we are getting closer, or that we are going into details. Rotation can change meaning. It can show different opinions, perspectives, change, passing of time. Thus meaning adds power to your presentation. That was it from PreziDay Europe!
Remember: Ideas Matter. Get K.I.S.S.E.D.:
PREZI meets Marketing and Sales How I won the TED Prezi Contest by Hans Wiech by Hedwyg van Groenendaal Click on the picture and see it for yourself! Inkscape allows you to make vector graphics for free: http://inkscape.org/ click on the image! If the experts need pictures, they try:
http://www.photofolio.com.mx/ Visual Explanations http://www.extremepresentation.com/books/advanced_presentation_by_design/?/book/ Book recommendation: My five best Prezi moves when presenting by David Oliveira by Christina Hoyer 4. Perform:
Prezi moves, you should too! Moving around the room, varying your tone of voice, changing your pace of talking, and looking at your audience draws people into your presentation!

5. Plan to motivate:
To motivate, get in close contact with your audience. Build trust with your audience. Aside from eye contact, humor, and engaging with your audience, connect with them by proving content. "Zooming can help us find patterns, shapes, and forms." Marcos Xalabarder Lightning Hour Paul, presenting his Marketing Prezi Before ending an amazing day, the lightning hour gave space for spontaneous presentations! It was an inspiring day! Thank you to all the organizers and speakers. Now the after party. Chris Connick click us! "Sharing ideas helps make the world
a better place!"
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