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Ap Human Geography

No description

Julia Ochoa

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of Ap Human Geography

Template by Missing Link
Images from Shutterstock.com Von Thunen's Agriculture Model The model separated the Central city , Intensive Farming , Forest , extensive Field Crops and Ranching/Animal Products . Epidemiologic Transition Model Development witnessed by a sudden and stark increase of population growth rates bought by medical innovation in disease and sickness treatment. One region or state expands expands in economic prosperity it must engulf regions nearby to ensure on going economic and political success ,
Area of high growth is the core , Neighboring is the perophery , they can be towns , cities , states or nations Core Periphery Model Domino Theory if one region came under the influence of communism then the Sorrounding countries would follow. Which an industry is located where the transportation costs of raw materials and final product is minimum.

There is two cases :
1 .In one of the weight of the final product is less then the weight of the raw material going into making the product , This would be the weight losing costs.
2.The final product is is heavier than the raw material that require transport , this is the weight gaining case. Weber Model of Industrial education Heartland and Rimland Theories Argue that political power depended on geographical location. Neocolonialism Thomas Malthus Modernization & Dependency Theories Sustainable Development Sustainable Development World Systems Theory World Systems Theory is an analysis oh history and social change it also divides the world into 3 countries and one of the countries focus on higher skills and the rest on low skills. Geopolitical practice of using capitilism and cultural imperialism to control a country His belief that if people did not check the human reproduction , that would lead to geometric increase in population. He belived that food production only incresed in arthimetic progression. Mode of human development in which resources use twards to meet the needs of human while preserving the enviroment. Modernization - theory used to explain the process of modernization withing societies.
Dpendency - Developing nations are dependent on more developed nations , who use them for there resources. Bid-Rent Theory Is a geographical economic theory, if different land owners will compete with one another to have land close to the city. Rank Size Rule Describes the remarkable , including of city sizes around the world . Views on Globalization States or countries that trade all over the world without harm Agriculture/Culture Hearths First agriculture revolution took place , place where the Hunter-gathers figured out how to domesticate plants . Argricultural Revolution Housing Styles Your culture determines the type of house hold you live in . Ex ; in Mexico the house are flat on top , and here in America there pointy. Language Trees A language that is related to a common ancestor. LanguageTrees Getting languages from your descent. Ex ; If your grandparents
speak spanish , you'd learn
to speak spanish Universalizing Religions- A religion that attempts to operate on a global scale Ex ; Christianity , Islam ,Buddhism , Hinduism ? World in Peril Journey into space is BBC radio scientist fiction programe written by charles . Sectors of economy Primary - concerns itself with ultinization of raw materials from earth .
Secondary - economy factures manufactured goods
Tertiary - economy is the service industry .
Quaternary - economy conists of intellectual activities .
Quinary - highest level of desicion making. Primary shapes of counties compact - easiest shape to manage , belgium
fragmented- composed of archipelagos , indonesia
elongated- difficult governance of peripheral areas , china , vietnam.
perforated - diffuculty getting to a surrounded state . italy
protruded - elongated state, the panhandle complicates that shape of the territory , burma , thailand.
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