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Russian Conflict

No description

Jon Jackson

on 7 February 2011

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Transcript of Russian Conflict

Ethnic Conflict
in Russia Conflict is spread throughout all of Chechnya
SPATIAL EXTENT NATIONAL regional All regions are affected, including the capital; Grozny. The beginning Tension between chechnyan ethnic groups and Russian occupants. Russians began to supress the chechnyans How long has there been tension? With the collapse of the soviet union
1991, chechnya tried to gain rights to
being an independent country. DUDAYEV
Chechnyan Independence FIRST CHECHNYAN WAR Russia moves in to prevent a completly autonomos Chechnyan state Religion also is a source
of problem as a large portion
of chechnyan natives are muslims INSTABILITY After the first war
the nation was filled with crime and violence Borders were unclear and not enforced WAR RE IGNITES Conflict never really stoped Russia captures the capital city of
Grozny and attention returns to
the conflict
Conflict Continues To this day russian operations are carried out and Chechnyan terrorist groups fight and resist, many attempts at peace have failed GLOBAL AFFECTS? Isolated within russian borders, the conflict
has yet to draw the involvment of other nations Many russians believe aid is being provided to
chechnyan terrorist though no proof has been produced
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