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Migrating to a new Course Management System

The steps involved when migrating to a new course management system.

Jeff Getchell

on 9 July 2010

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Transcript of Migrating to a new Course Management System

Considerations when migrating to a new CMS Faculty needs
What tools are absolutely necessary
What tools are nice but not essential
What tools are superfluous
Student needs
What tools are absolutely necessary
What tools are nice but not essential
What tools are superfluous

Faculty training
CMS mechanics
Course construction
Migration cleanup
Training considerations
Who develops training materials?
Available campus-based and online
Requirement for all
Regular updates to stakeholders Student training
Orientation to course environment
Online orientation
Campus orientation performed by faculty
Staff training

CMS administrators
Ensure more than one skilled administrator
Trained for both faculty and student issues Migrating Courses Begin early
Review courses before migrating to remove bloat Review courses after migration to ensure accuracy
Instructor review
Learning Technologies review Needs Support functions Helpdesk
Learning Technologies Department Workshops (online and seat-based)
Open forums
Drop-in clinics
Just-in-time trainings as resources allow
Training opportunities Rollout
Ample marketing
Ample support
Other considerations Create support wiki open to faculty and staff
Maintain open communications with faculty, academic administration, IT
Formative and summative evaluation
Blackboard? Sakai? Moodle? desire2learn? eCollege? Elements to consider Needs
Course migrations
Other A presentation for faculty and staff of the
Rueckert-Hartman College for Health Professions at Regis University

Dr. Jeffrey Getchell
July 2010 A successful
implementation! Image licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License
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