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No description

Juliana Wang

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of Sisters

Sisters by : Rebecca D ~ Sara B ~ Suzanne P
Justine L ~ Juliana W Types of sisters
Cultural differences of sisters & family framework
Real life depictions of sister organizations
Game : What type of Sister are you? Types of Sisters Sister Organizations Culture What we will be covering : What Type of Sister are you? Sisters as a Union Sisters on the planet In the sisterhood
- Big Sisters Mentoring:
Giving girls a role model and a friend to help them become a strong woman.

- Study Buddy Mentoring:
Helping girls with school and improving their educational performance.

- Go Girls! Group Mentoring:
Teaching girls how to eat healthy, exercise, and build self-esteem. Big Sisters of BC Lower Mainland
Helping the Downtown East Side become a safer, violence-free neighborhood for people who live there and work there

Sister Watch reward:
up to $10,000 for information on the death of Ashley Machiskinic, who fell out of a window on Hastings Street in 2010.

Sister Watch speakers’ bureau:
Women of the VPD speaking publicly to groups on the issues of personal safety Vancouver Police Department: Sister Watch Mission Statement:
“Big Sisters is committed to enhancing the confidence, self-esteem and well-being of girls through supportive relationships with female mentors.” "Worthless Daughters" Leftover Women Do you like your sister?
A)Only because we’re related
B )Yes because her closet is nice
C )Unconditionally
D )I have no sister How much do you look up to your sister?
A)I look down on her
B )A lot but I’d rather not admit it
C )We are each other’s role model
D )I have no sister How do fights with your sister end up?
A)She wins, but I’ll get her back
B )I always win because I tell my mom
C )We just talk it out
D )I have no sisters Do you steal your sister’s things?
A)No, I lock my room
B )Yes, everything I own used to belong to her
C )We share everything
D )I have no sister How do your parents expect you to treat your sister?
A)They with I was nicer to her but I’m not
B )They want me to be just like her
C )They want me to treat her with respect
D )I have no sister Do you hang out with your sister?

A)No but she follows me everywhere
B )I do everything she does, she has no escape
C )We do everything together
D )I wish I had a sister to hang out with Thank you for watching!
Love your Sisters! If you mostly chose ... If you mostly chose ... If you mostly chose ... If you mostly chose ... You are most likely the Older Sister.

You can be pretty mean and bossy sometimes but you have responsibilities over your other siblings. Your things usually get stolen by your
younger sister, your
sister might consider
you evil, but in the end
you are expected to be
a role model to her. You are most likely the Younger Sister

You are bratty and you know it.
You steal your sister’s things, you follow her around constantly, you always
get your way even if it means
telling on them to your mom.
You secretly want to grow up
to be like your sister, but you
won’t admit it You and your sister are best friends

You do everything together, you might share a closet, you rarely fight and if you do it’s usually quickly resolved.
You talk to each other about
everything and trust
each other more than
anyone else. Sororities
Great support system : Asking other girls for advice & support
Long lasting friendships
Social Scene : Great opportunities to meet people
Many different sororities: Diverse groups of women Older Sister Younger Sister Best Friend Sisters You have no sister.....

Since you have no sister, You could join a sorority in school,
create a sisterhood with
close friends or even join
a sister organization. Girls will be girls Constant competition between sisters Can be religious : Nuns
Can be best friends coming together as family
Example : Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
Can be an unification of women in a common cause Sisterhoods Openness, honesty, affirmations, respect are valued in this relationship – model for a good sister bond
Older and younger siblings can learn to discipline each other in this way Reinforces ideas of cattiness among girls

Favoritism leads to :
unhealthy rivalries
and low-self esteem “Girls will be girls” does not get to the root of the problem –
we should acknowledge
the way that media
and culture tends to
normalize negative
stereotypes and
dysfunctional relationships.
Depicted as bossy and parental
The role model – there is a lot of pressure put on them to be responsible and disciplined. Perceived to be spoiled, and carefree, sometimes bratty
There are fewer expectations on them than their older
siblings, but are still
expected to look up to
their older siblings
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