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Our Energy Efficent Doghouse

By: Avey O'Neil and Jasmine Baxter and Rohan Thomas

Avery O'Neil

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of Our Energy Efficent Doghouse

Our Energy Efficient Doghouse By: Avery O'Neil, Rohan Thomas and Jasmine Baxter Introduction The K-9 Doghouse Company is having a contest to see if their are any good doghouse ideas. The company is looking for the perfect doghouse which can keep the dog comfortable in all types of weather. Brainstorming During Brainstorming our group decided on our company's name which is J.A.R Dawgs. The J in J.A.R Dawgs stands for Jasmine, the A in J.A.R Dawgs stands for Avery and last but certainly not least the R in J.A.R Dawgs stands for Rohan. We chose this name because it incorporated everyone in the groups names so that nobody would feel left out and we didn't want anyone to feel that way anyway. Also during Brainstorming we decided to make our doghouse a pentagonal prism painted red. We also decided on our company's motto which is '' It's either bones or nothing!''. We all agreed on this because we thought it was funny and played on the theme of the project, dogs. During brainstorming we also brainstormed good insulators, themes and the assignment of jobs. We decided that Avery would be be in charge of the researching and the slideshow and Rohan would be in charge of the step by step plan. The rest of the jobs would be all of us combined together. Research For the research, Avery researched such things as good insulators, good materials and materials that keep out heat or keep in heat. Some good insulators are styrofoam, glass, plastic, wood and aerogel. Materials List - wood
-magenta paint
-wood glue
-pink felt
-carpenter glue
-artificial grass
-toothpicks Step by Step Plan 1. Get 9 pieces of wood that are 15x15cm and 1 of them with a door and another one that is a triangle.

2. Glue 5 of the wood pieces to make a base and four walls.

3. Put insulation on the four walls and then glue on top of it paper or cardboard.

4. On the roof piece, glue insulation on it.

5. Then glue on top of the 4 walls.

6. Put a flat piece of wood on top of the four walls to make a cube.

7. Put fibreglass on roof.

8. Put shingle on.

9. Put railings on roof.

10. Put grass on roof . Then put flowers and butterlies on the grass.

11.Put straws in the gaps between two railings for water dranage.

12. Paint the house magenta but not the railings.

13. On the door put a piece of cardboard to make a doggy flap for the dog to enter in and exit out of.

14. You are now finished your eco-friendly dog house. Tools used during the process of building - scissors

-exactoknife (Is that how it is spelled?)

-saw Testing and Modifying Evaluation Unexpectedly our dog house turned out really well. In the cold test our doghouse only dropped down to 18 degrees. In the heat test the dog house temperature stayed the same. We thought that our dog house was pretty good and didn't need any adjustments. Our group's overall evaluation of our dog house is that it turned out better than we had all thought it would. It was great knowing that our doghouse could be able to withstand cold weather and warm weather. Some pros of our doghouse: it can stay room temperature in cold and warm weather, its colourful and draws the attention and its the proper measurement. The con of our doghouse is: it dropped to 18 degrees under the cold test. Thanks for listening to our presentation! By: Avery O'Neil, Jasmine Baxter and Rohan Thomas, 7C
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