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TiVo Presentation

final presentation

Jennifer Plumpton

on 24 May 2010

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Transcript of TiVo Presentation

TiVo Mission "Connect consumers
to the digital entertainment
they want, where and when
they want it." Business Plan Blockbuster Model Who does
it serve?
What does
it provide? How does it
make money? How does it
differentiate itself? How does it provide its service/products? Provides the ability to:
TV-allowing it to fit into
the consumer's busy life.
SWOT Analysis Strengths 1st Mover Advantage
Celebrity endorsements
Outsourcing manufacturing
to Mexico Weaknesses Brand description
Profitability Product Dilution/ Brand Recognition
Strategic alliance with DirecTV Opportunities Horizontal integration
Strategic alliances
Vertical integration Threats Hacking into system
- Basic cable providers
- ReplayTV International
competition/ expansion Strategic Factors Analysis Summary Jeffrey Brown
Jennifer Plumpton
Matthew Pratte
Jaclyn Wall Directional Strategy Profit Strategy Current
Strategy Portfolio Anal sis Cor orate Parenting BCG Growth Share Matrix
TiVo = Dog vs.
Competitors = Stars Currently TiVo is not particpating
in corporate parenting, and is not
a beneficial strategy for this particular
industry to implement Evaluation and Control Balance Scorecard Financial Customers Internal business perspective Innovation and learning Additional Evaluation CEO Turnover Mike Ramsey vs. Tom Rogers Suggested Strategy: Captive Company Strategy Who should
implement it? How will it be
implemented? How will its
be measured? verview The general population of
television viewers Kept record of customers
viewing patterns
Made equipment compatible
with other cable providers Company 1939

of the
television 1950

of the
remote 1997

founded March

First unit
shipped September

Publicly listed
5.5 m shares 1999-

increase 2002

Stock price
plummets to
$2.25/share 2005

3 million
subscribers July

CEO Mike Ramsey
forced to resign August

Emmy Award
"providing innovative
and interactive
services that greatly
enhance television
viewing." April

#3 best
product of all time
according to
PC World 2007

DirecTV stopped
providing TiVo
with digital recorders How do we appear to shareholders? Consistently operating in the negative
Distributes no cash dividends How do customers view us? Brand trust of 4.2 out of 5
Brand potential among aspiring users scored an "A"
- 11.1 million potential users
Market share of 6.54% What must we excel at? Aim for competitive pricing
Improve security features
Can we continue to improve and create value? Based on the fact that TiVo is primarily a technology
based company, there is always room for improvement. It is up to the company,
however, to effectively utilize its resources. forced resignation in July 2005 Current CEO QUESTIONS? Sale of equipment
Monthly service
Advertising Consumer
installation Former President of NBC Cable Founder of TiVo Former CEO
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