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Water Pollution!

All about water pullution and ways to help it. A wonderful project by Melissa Gilbert and Elyssa Bullock! :)

Elyssa Bullock

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of Water Pollution!

Oil spills in water can hurt the the animals and environment! Heavy metals put into rivers or lakes are toxic for marine life such as fish, shellfish, and humans. Sewage can often can result in infectious diseases, threw drinking contaminated water. Obstacle 1 Obstacle 2 Obstacle 3 Credits... Start Water pollution you can treat water pollution with industrial treatment, Ozone wast water treatment, septic tanks, denitrification, or just picking up trash in a nearby lake or pond. Examples of water pollution! Thank you for*
water pollution guide
lenntench.com Water Pollution Made by Melissa and Elyssa The dangers of water pollution! Water pollution! How is water pollution treated? Examples of water pollution are dumping sewage in to lakes or rivers, littering can hurt the animals/environment, global warming can also hurt the water, oil spills hurt the water and all the animals that live there, and many more. What causes water pollution? There are many things that cause water pollution such as sewage and waste water, marine dumping, industrial waste, radioactive waste, oil pollution, underground storage leakages, and many more! Water pollution facts! The things we do everyday contribute to over half the pollution in Puget Sound. Litter thrown on the ground can end up in our storm drains, ditches, and streams..Wash your car at a commercial car wash, on the grass, or a graveled area.
Pull weeds manually or use chemicals sparingly and as directed.
Inspect your septic system regularly and pump it as needed.
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