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No description

Venture Hsu

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of Food

Food Staple Food Taiwan - Meat (pork, beef)

- Fish (trout)

- Vegetables (asparagus,

- Bread (Abendbrot,

- Butterbrot - Meat

- Fish

- Fruits & Vegetables

- Bread Structure of Meals Alcohol THE END Beer German Differences Regional Cuisine Breakfast Lunch Dinner Wine Hard liquor Bavarian cuisine Soups Main courses Desserts -Bread

-Deli meats


-Tea Hearty hot meal Alex
Alisa Fleischpflanzerl Schweinshaxe Leberknödelsuppe Meat & Knödel Dampfnudeln Bienenstich Weißwurstfrühstück Well-known pork chicken beef Meat Fish -tuna


-sardines Fruits & Vegetables

-rice Bread -sweet & fluffy

-variety of different tastes

-cute shape Structure of meals Alcohol & Tea -beer


-hard liquor -ooolong


-green -bubble tea Regional cuisine -range of different cuisines

-oyster omelet

-stinky tofu

-pineapple cake Brotzeit -breakfast


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