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iPad in Education - Solutions Inc.

No description

Thomas Martin

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of iPad in Education - Solutions Inc.

Tom Martin iPad in Education Ease of Use Always on

Simple to navigate

Allows for anytime, anywhere learning iPad & Bloom's Taxanomy Subject Specific Learning Planning, Organisation & Management Your No.1 choice in procurement of Apple products for your organisation... Collaborate and Innovate Assessment & Feedback Financing Training & Support Web: http://www.solutions-inc.co.uk/
Email: enquiries@solutions-inc.co.uk
Tel: 0844 8751 610 Solutions Inc HQ
255 Old Shoreham Road
East Sussex
BN3 7ED iPad Presents Limitless Learning Opportunities Promotes learner autonomy, creativity and inquiry
All-in-one teaching and learning tool
Approx 8 Million sold to education worldwide
20,000+ dedicated educational apps with ~800,000 more via App store
iPad helps overcomes barriers to learning and assists teachers in leading "outstanding" classes
Makes learning engaging and exciting, visible and measurable English Maths Science Geography FAQ's Q: There is no Flash support with iPad! Differentiation Complete service
Needs assessment and solution quote
System set-up
Financing options
Ongoing training & support Complete solutions tailored to your needs. iPad class set in robust case Charges & syncs

Includes TotalCare warranty, accidental damage & theft cover Solutions inc offer the best value "solutions" for iPad in education

Easy and instant purchasing for your school or college

A range of leasing options for 1:1 deployment Infrastructure support A: There is a lack of quality, consistency & compatibility in HW & SW that prevents it from being a viable alternative
Q: What about Android devices instead? A: Apps like "Photon" provide a work around Expert Education Advisors
Apple distinguished educators
Education Blog
Service contracts (Helpdesk, technical & more)
Comprehensive warranty & insurance options
Salary sacrifice scheme Solutions
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