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No description

Ashley Martinus

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of Decimals.

What does, "and some extra" mean?
When you have less than a whole, you have change...and change is always written in decimal form.

It's all about Place Value
Let's see how it works...
Decimals are a part of a whole.
Everyday life involves more than just whole numbers. When you have a part of a whole it is called a

Decimals are just one way of talking about a fraction of a whole (a part of a whole)...and they are a
lot easier to count than fractions!
You already know how to write money values in decimal form. You can think about the place value of decimals the same way.

What are Decimals and why do we need them?
Think of some things you may need decimals for
Brainstorm with a partner...
1. Grocery Store
2. Sports
3. Measurement
Dollars, are "wholes", so they go BEFORE the decimal $1.00
You can say it as, "One dollar, and NO extra."
If it was a percent...it would be 100%

For more help go to www.mathisfun.com/decimals.html
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