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english class

No description

derrike Kisner

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of english class

GREEN ENERGY What comes to mind when someone says Green Energy? To me its a bunch of hippies and sign toating environmentalists chanting about drilling for oil or some unimportant animal going extinct..... Well.... Im gonna tell you what green energy is. It is the study and development of better more efficient energy sources. Nuclear Power Wind and Solar Energy What do you think of when someone says nuclear power? Three Mile Island? Chernobyl? Well to stun some of you out there there are over
100 nuclear powerplants in operation today all over the u.s.! What that means is that these plants have been operating for over a decade and
only one major accident has occured. Seems pretty safe to me..... Nuclear energy is one of the cleanest forms of energy on the planet. The only problem??? Cost!!!! No one wants to pay for it! Another form green energy has taken is the development of Bio-Diesel Bio-Diesel is the Blending of vegetable oils to create
a new form of diesel fuel to increase miles per gallon and
decrease the amount of Co2 Emissions. Wind Turbines Solar Panels Wind turbines use giant propellers to turn a generator located in
the center of the turbine creating vast amounts of energy that is completely emission free. Solar panels generate electrical energy from the light of the sun,
solar panels are slightly expensive but with grants and tax incentives
from the government they make the purchase of these panels slightly
less painful on the wallet. These are the the best shots at increasing our energy output and decreasing
the emissions we are producing into the atmosphere. If the government implimented these technologies on a larger scale i believe that the threat og global warming would cease to be a problem.
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