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Saudi Arabian-US Relations

How oil and terrorism define our relationship

Michael Dearman

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Saudi Arabian-US Relations

U.S.-Saudi Arabia Foreign Policy Oil Terrorism Israel Security 1920s- U.S. and British companies begin to drill in Saudi Arabia
Open Door Policy
1931- U.S. officially recognizes King Saud
Money lending through Lend-Lease
*Oil Shortage*
OPEC- 1960
Oil Embargo 1973- Israeli Military Funding
1986 Oil Price Crash
Began during Cold War
Both U.S. and King Aziz wanted to keep land out of Russia's hands
Mutual Defense Assistance Agreement (1951)
Congress gradually reduced or cancelled arms sales to Saudi Arabia, beginning in the late 1960s
First Gulf War- defending Saudi Arabia and Kuwait from Iraq Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Arms Reduction Deals
Higher Priority
1973 Oil Embargo
NeoWahhabis- Muslim Brotherhood, Wahhabism
Osama Bin Laden- First Gulf War
U.S. influx of troops
September 11, 2001
15/19 attackers
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