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Austria WW1

No description

Lillia Prasatek

on 30 March 2011

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Transcript of Austria WW1

Causes and Propaganda Key Leaders and Alliances Part of Central Powers
Archduke Franz Ferdinand-leader of Austria
Country's allied with Austria:
Germany- Kaiser Willhelm
Bulgaria- Vasil Radoslavov
Turkey-Mehmet Resat Hi Nigga Map with Major Battles and New Technology Home front and effects on country after the war map before WW1 map after WW1 People were close to starvation however their conditions were slightly better than others.
Peace agreement signed in 1920.
Deprived of its most valuable resoures. Along with most of the other countries, Austria's economy hit a downward spiral.
Austria had buildings destroyed, it's land taken away and many people killed. major battles took place in. . . technology used:
As impractical as the later found it to be, the machine gun was used. Along with the mortar and grenades. The mortar's "one shot" made it lose its effectivenessand it was also quite innacurate. Austria joined WW1 because the son of the Ruler was assasinated by Serbians. Imperialism did not lead to Austria's participation of the war Alliances stick together
No matter what, you don't want your country destroyed.
THE END The prices of everything went up
Not much of anything was available AUSTRIA AND WORLD WAR ONE
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