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Photo Essay

No description

Charley Johnson

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of Photo Essay

Robin Williams
In 1998 he played in Patch Adams
In 1999 he played in Jakob the Liar In 2002 he played in One Hour Photo and Death to Schmoochy In 2005 he played in Robots and The Big White In 2006 he played in Night at the Museum and R.V. In 2009 he played in Old Dogs and Shrink Robin Williams has been in about 70 movies. So here are some movies with Robin Williams in them you might know.... And now the movie that he will be in, in 2011... The End !!!! In 1992 he played From time to time,The last rainforest and Aladdin In 1993 he played in Being human and Mrs. Doubtfire
In 1995 he played in Nine Months, To Wong Foo Thanks For Everything and Jumanji In 1997 he played in Flubber, Fathers day, Deconstructing Harry and, Good Will Hunting In 2011 he will play in Happy Feet 2 In 1978 was Robin WIlliams first appearence on t.v. on the show Happy Days
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