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Magician MIN

This is closet company


on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of Magician MIN

Welcome to Magician MIN What is
Magician MIN "Closet company” History July .21, 1982 Rational
Price Balance Product
Range Better Everyday Life WH

. We was started? Founder
Kelly Jeon My grandmother “Katherine,"loves her clothes so, she keeps her clothes carefully. But the flood and climates always effected them. And “Minjung Jeon,” try to make special closets for her. Even she was young lady, but she knew she wants to them for her own business. BeTteR LiFe Why you should buy
Why we should buy MAGICIAN MIN? Durable closet Well designed Keep proper
temperature Control the humidity You cannot find
ame as ours Take away the bad smell Smooth wrinkles You can choose the
cent for clothes Colorful The images How? Emphasize the strong points.
Remind the custromers' bad experience with closet.
Keep telling good points but not enforce to buy. How to sell my product?
Online market

. $990 WOW From small -> one of the world's leading furniture companies.
Magician MIN's innovative & top quality products and processes a will be world recognized.
Do your best 'Impossible‘ can be 'I'm possible' with your drop of sweat. P licies 216-345-6789 Dress code Requirement Requesting time payment cell phone
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