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Developing the Heart of Your Story

What is the most important part?

Erin Miller

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Developing the Heart of Your Story

Developing the
Heart of
Your Story What is the
most important part? The Most Important Part of Your Story Big Steps ZOOM I slowly raise the glass to my lips What stands out? Writing sample! In your own work... The important part of your story is what you want the reader to remember.
It is the climax of your story, or the top of your story mountain. and settle my mouth on the rim. I tip the cup so that the lemonade pours down my throat. I shiver. I put too much ice in it, and it's over-refreshing. One cube slips down with my last sip.

I feel much cooler now. I know I won't be cool for much longer, though. I am going on a bike ride. After reading, what do you remember about the excerpt? Place a thinkmark over the heart of YOUR story. How can you make that part stand out more? The following is an excerpt from a narrative. The story is about going on a bike ride. in on it! versus Tiny Steps
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