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Earth Science Chapter one

No description

Douglas Hilliard

on 6 August 2017

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Transcript of Earth Science Chapter one

A Christian Approach to Earth Science Chapter One
Living for Redemption
How did the Earth Get Here and How has it Changed needs to be answered
Tragedies of the curse of the Earth are Everywhere
Earth Science should find ways to help the Hurting from the Tragedy of the Curse
Question: Is the Past the Key to the Present or: Is the Present the Key to the Past?
Only Two Choices: Chance or Creation
Pre-Suppositions determine your interpretation of the "FACTS"
"Get the facts first, then distort them as you please." -Mark Twain
Depends on Your Worldview
Presuppositions are ideas that are not proven to be true but that we assume to be true.
"The biblical story of the perfect and finished creation from which human beings fell into sin is pre-Darwinian mythology and post-Darwinian nonsense." Bishop John Spong
View of How the Grand Canyon Got HERE!
Obviously, a little water over a long time
No, a lot of water over a shorttime
Science must use Models to observe and reason and to understand complicated things
Data is any information Scientists collect by Observing nature(Goanimate example)
Measured DATA
Using instruments with scales to produce reliable data
Descriptive Data:
to describe, not Numbers
Structure of Science
Definitions of Science Inquiry Terms
Derived Data: Analysis of measured and descriptive Data: Inferences
So what is SCIENCE???????
Science is the collection of observations, explanations, and models produced through an organized study of nature and the processes found in nature for the purpose of enabling people to exercise good and wise dominion over God's World. The word Science is also used to refer to the organized methods that produce these results.
Earth Science: what's that?
The knowledge and organized methods of observing the earth and its processes using appropriate tools. It involves explaining these observations and creating models. It means interpreting our observations within the framework of God's Word. We do it all to glorify God and to help other human beings live safe, healthy, and meaningful lives in a fallen and dangerous world.
Gap Theory
Everyone knows the Scientific Method??????
The Big Bang Theory
Types of General Science
Operational Science is trying to find explanations for scientific questions that apply to present-day problems, creating more accurate models.Example: plotting the orbits of asteroids.
Trying to study something people can't observe today(Science must be Observed) Example: Trying to figure out how mountains were formed
Earth Science Types of Scientists
Geologists who study the solid, rocky part of the earth: Many Kinds:
Structural Geology
Stratigraphy(classifying and identifying strata
Other Earth Scientists
Marine Scientists

Just a couple of Questions for YOU for EXTRA CREDIT
What is the Creation mandate?
What is the Big Bang Theory?
What is the Gap Theory?
Give 5 steps of the Scientific Method?
Must Science Be Observable and explain?
Who is Richard Dawkins?
Can you have a Watch without a Watchmaker?
What is a presupposition?
Does everyone have a Worldview and explain?
An overall perspective that we use to see and interpret the World
"I believe that one the Darwinian myth will be ranked the greatest deceit in the History of Science" by Soren Lovtrup
A law is a well-tested theory that is generally accepted.
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