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Nichloette MaryChristyn

on 5 September 2012

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Transcript of Stories

Bienvenido Santos
Scent of Apples Plot HARACTERS
He is the author of the story and
the one who narrates the whole story. Bienvenido Santos C “I left the Philippines more than twenty years ago and have never been back. Never will, perhaps. I want to find out, sir,
are our Filipino women the same like they were twenty
years ago?” He is a Filipino farmer who lives
in America together with his family. Celestino Fabia Roger He is the son of Celestino
and Ruth. She is the wife of Celestino
and is a very caring wife. Ruth Fabia She took care of Celestino when he was
sick even though she is pregnant with
Roger. She is a nice girl according to Celestino, and
she’s like the Filipino women. She is an American. “A fat blonde woman
stood in the doorway with a little boy
by her side.” He admires He said that Bienvenido is a first-class Filipino, as well as
Celestino. Roger is a nice boy
and is so innocent. He ignores when he is told Fabia SETTING The story happened in Kalamazoo and it
is October. The place is where Filipinos
live; it’s like a Filipino community in
America. The main setting was in Fabia’s place,
wherein he invited Bienvenido to come by
and eat dinner. This was also the place where scent
of apples was smelled and where
the way Fabia’s living is seen. He is a Filipino and he attended an open
forum in America, wherein he had
answered questions about Filipino
women and American women. Theme The main theme in this story is
nationalism. Filipino women were
emphasized in the story. And it makes the reader realize that
Filipino women, even though they
changed physically, they still are
not yet changing deep inside. Point of View Bienvenido Santos used the First person point of view. He narrates the story as far as he can
perceive and sense. He is the one who tells the
story and all he knows is limited to an extent. He used the “I” pronoun. “It was cold night
when I left my room at the hotel for another speaking engagement. I walked but a little
away.” Apple SYMBOLS - Filipino women who may have changed physically but they are still the same Filipino women many years ago- Fertility and happiness Blur Portrait - Preservation of Filipino women
-serves as the reminder of
Celestino’s mother
Winter –observer of hope Man vs. Convention Conflict Values Be nationalistic. Don’t forget how you lived and
grew in one place. Preserve the positive traits
of Filipinos Scent of Apples He is the one who asked a question
about Filipino women Bienvenido so much because
he is more likely to his father. his father that they are poor
folks. > it is because when he can
smell an aroma of an apple he will remember the family of Celestino Fabia, which is he meet at Kalamazoo. Bienvenido Santos went to Kalamazoo in order to attend a meeting wherein he met a Filipino farmer, who were the same as him before. CelestinoFabia is the name of that farmer. He asked Bienvenido if theFilipino women back in the Philippines were still the same like they were twenty years ago. Bienvenido then answered him that the Filipino women are still the same inside, even though that in physical appearance they are completely different. After that conference or meeting, they talked and Fabia invited Bienvenido to come into their house. On the day where they will be going there, Fabia told the story of his family. He has one son, Roger and his wife is Ruth. Ruth and Roger are both excited on seeing Bienvenido because it’s the time that they will see a Filipino again. Roger liked Bienvenido that he said that he is much like of his father. When Bienvenido entered Fabia’s house, it smelled apples all over the place. The reason is Fabia has an orchard of apples in their backyard, located inside the farm where Fabia gets their living. E
N They use apples for earning money in order to survive,
but sometimes they experience loss in this kind of
business and it results apples to be rotten. C
X In case these apples remain rotten, they just kept those in stock inside their house, leaving scent of apples. R
N In the end, Bienvenido left the
house saying goodbye but with
the feeling of love towards Fabia’s
family. In 1967, he returned to the United States to become a teacher and university administrator. A Filipino-American fictionist, poet and nonfiction writer. Bienvenido Santos He was born on March 22, 1911 and raised in Tondo, Manila. His family roots are originally from Lubao, Pampanga, Philippines. He lived in the United States for many years where he is widely credited as a pioneering Asian-American writer. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of the Philippines where he first studied creative writing under Paz Marquez Benitez. In 1941, Santos was a government pensionado (scholar) to the United States at the University of Illinois, Columbia University, and Harvard University He received a Rockefeller fellowship at the Writers Workshop of the University of Iowa where he later taught as a Fulbright exchange professor. He has also received a Guggenheim Foundation fellowship, a Republic Cultural Heritage Award in Literature as well as several Palanca Awards for his short stories. won a 1980 American Book Award from the
Before Columbus Foundation. Scent of Apples Santos received honorary doctorate degrees in Humanities and Letters from the University of the Philippines, and Bicol University (Legazpi City, Albay) in 1981. He was also a Professor of Creative Writing and Distinguished Writer in Residence at the Wichita State University from 1973 to 1982, at which time the University awarded him an honorary doctorate degree in Humane Letters. After his retirement, Santos became Visiting Writer and Artist at De La Salle University in Manila; the University honored Santos by renaming its Creative Writing Center after him. He died on January 7, 1996 The story is entitled
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