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thọ mai

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of bwnw

Communicate your current customers better Devise more effective strategies Minimise risk Use as an evaluation tool Provide the company with crucial information Adopt marketing campaigns Identify the potential market in a particular area, within a specific age group, or during a particular time phase Find out the potential problems +Determine the leak in product marketing
+Devise plans to counter loss or increase existing profit margin Keep an eye on your competitor Evaluate it's performance as well as success achieved over the time R STP M-M I C WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF MARKETING INSOURCING ? 1. Technology and other intellectual property can be a concern about information security 2. Cost. In some cases, it can be less expensive to do research in-house WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF MARKETING OUTSOURCING ? 1. An improved focus on core competencies: provide a full-fledged marketing strategy and support,... 2. An outsourced team has a different objective 3. Reduced overhead
Reduce the cost of additional office space, computers, vendor relationships and access to credit required
The majority of their company’s costs do not go towards accomplishing the duties outlined in the job description. 4. Access to an expanded talent pool
Integrate smoothly into the organization not only brings in innovative ideas and added energy
But also the high-level talent needed to execute the goals of the marketing campaign. keep an eye on your competitor
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