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LONI tech forum

No description

Michael Fazely

on 18 July 2011

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Transcript of LONI tech forum

2620:105:B000:0:7AB3::1F88 IPv6 at Phases How to deploy? Divide space Special Needs
2620:105:b050::/48 - Out of Band Network CSC/DBYD
2620:105:b051::/48 - Out of Band Network ATHA (COX or LONI future use)
2620:105:b052::/48 - DRC/LaTech
2620:105:b053::/48 - VPN
2620:105:b054::/48 - Available
2620:105:b055::/48 - Available
2620:105:b056::/48 - Available
2620:105:b057::/48 - Available
2620:105:b058::/48 - Available
2620:105:b059::/48 - Available
2620:105:b05a::/48 - Available
2620:105:b05b::/48 - Available
2620:105:b05c::/48 - Available
2620:105:b05d::/48 - Available
2620:105:b05e::/48 - Available
2620:105:b05f::/48 - Available Further breakdown Each /44 for main campus will be divided
into /52's.
2620:105:B000::/52 - Loopbacks/Anycast
- 2620:105:B000::/64 - Router loopbacks
- 2620:105:B000:5::/64 - DNS loopbacks/Anycast
Remaining /52's assigned to routers
Loopbacks tied to subnets
example: 2620:105:B000::2/128 -> 2620:105:B000:2000::/52 Questions... Current needs?
- Main campus, residential halls, DRC, etc

Future? Link-locals 16 /44's
2620:105:b000::/44 - LSU Main Campus
2620:105:b010::/44 - LSU Main Campus
2620:105:b020::/44 - LSU Main Campus
2620:105:b030::/44 - LSU Main Campus
2620:105:b040::/44 - LSU Residence Halls
2620:105:b050::/44 - Special use:
2620:105:b060::/44 - Future use:
2620:105:b070::/44 - Future use:
2620:105:b080::/44 - Future use:
2620:105:b090::/44 - Future use:
2620:105:b0a0::/44 - Future use:
2620:105:b0b0::/44 - Future use:
2620:105:b0c0::/44 - Future use:
2620:105:b0d0::/44 - Future use:
2620:105:b0e0::/44 - Future use:
2620:105:b0f0::/44 - Future use: 2620:105:B000::/40 Awareness
IPv6 working group Moving Forward Authentication
- MAC-based
- 802.1X
- Domain
Preference for IPv6 Challenges Two steps:
FFFE in the middle
U/L flag (U=1, L=0)

00:12:AB:34:CD:56 = 0212:ABFF:FE34:CD56 Address Configuration
- DHCPv6
- EUI-64 Options
- Tunneling (6to4, ISATAP,
- Dual Stack Transition Mechanisms FE80::Device:Blade:Port:Side/64 Initial Implementation
Phase 2
Final VLAN ID's incorporated into subnets
- VLAN 100 on Router 2
- VLAN 500 on Router 3
- VLAN 915 on Router 16
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