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Material Technology

No description

Sarah Kunnemann

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Material Technology

Material Technology By: Sarah Kunnemann & Ethan Brown Material technology enhances our lives by developing materials to better suit our needs. Definition Careers in
Material Technology Conclusion The making of materials using mechanical, chemical, and electrical properties to advance technology. Examples: Mosquito Repellent Clothing
Artificial Skin Grafts
Advanced Building Materials Science: mechanical, chemical, and electrical properties are used to create materials. Engineering: materials must be conceived and manufactured. Technology: through these materials, technology is advancing. Mathematics: creating dimensioned sketches of products Positive Impacts Through material technology, we can use recycled materials again in a way that helps the environment. Negative Effects The behavior of the materials may be altered over time. Careers in
Materials Technology Building Services Engineer: designs and installs equipment for building efficiency Careers in Material Technology Chemical Engineer:
Conceives and constructs industrial processes to produce many products Materials Engineer:
Develop materials to advance technology
By: Ethan Brown
Sarah Kunnemann
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