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RI 8.7 Evaluating Presentation Mediums

ELA Grade 8 California Common Core Standards

Amie Radabaugh

on 28 October 2015

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Transcript of RI 8.7 Evaluating Presentation Mediums

Music Appreciation
Imagine that you want to create a tribute to your favorite music group. Will you write an article? Will you create a website or a blog? Your
and what you want to include in your tribute will help you determine which
, or type of delivery, might be best to use.
Evaluating Presentation Mediums
, and
are elements you have to think about for any kind of presentation you might do. Understanding the benefits and drawbacks of different mediums will help you to make some of these decisions.
Checking for Understanding
Name four elements you need to think about before preparing a presentation. Talk to your neighbor.
Music Tribute
Now we are going to look at the pros and cons of
, and
presentation mediums. While we take notes, you need to start thinking about which medium might be best for a tribute to a music group?
Pros - Print Media
has a tight focus
presents information in a certain order
writer can "speak" directly to readers
may include photos, illustrations, or graphic aids
requires no special technology
Learning Target
Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of using different mediums (ex. print or digital text, video, multimedia) to present a particular topic or idea.
Cons - Print Media
limited to words and images
space is limited
the reader cannot interact with the text
text cannot easily be changed or updated
Pros - Internet
can use text, video, music, images, and animation
can organize information into categories
may contain live links
easily updated
readers can explore content in any order
Cons - Internet
requires some technical and artistic ability
requires a great deal of content
no control over user interface
Pros - Multimedia
has specific focus
can use narration, video, music, audio, images, and text
provides a carefully structured visual (sight) and auditory (sound) experience
can be artistic in nature
Cons - Multimedia
may require software programs
materials must be gathered and edited for many sources
Checking for Understanding
Answer in your notebook:

1. Which medium seems to have the widest range of features?

2. Which seems easiest to create?

3. Which do you think is best suited for a tribute to a music group? Why?
Step Chart to use Presentation Planner

Step 1
Choose your purpose, or goal
. Is your purpose to inform, to entertain, to persuade, or simply to share your ideas? Do you want to provide a lot of information in several areas, or would you rather focus on something specific, like biographies of each member of the music group?
Step two
Think about your audience.
Who is your presentation for? How will your audience affect the information you provide and how you present it?
Step Three
Consider your content.
Do you want want to include video? Audio? Images? Text only? A mix? Think about your audience and purpose as you make your choices.
Step Four
Choose your medium.
Review the pros and cons of each medium, and consider the choices you will make for steps 1, 2, and 3. Are there benefits to one type of medium that would best help you achieve your purpose? Are there any drawbacks that you need to consider?
Music Tribute
Together we will decide which type of presentation medium we would use to create a music tribute for our favorite group. This will be done on the "Presentation Planner" worksheet.
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