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School of Doc: Pearls for a Smooth Transition from Student Doc to Professional Doc

No description

Alan Glazier

on 3 October 2017

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Transcript of School of Doc: Pearls for a Smooth Transition from Student Doc to Professional Doc

School of Doc!!
Accumulating Information Online
A.K.A. Graduation's Tomorrow . . . Then What?!
Paying Your Dues!
Looking for a Job
Private Practice
Commercial Practice
Big Box
Hospital Based Practice
LASIK Centers
Non-Clinical Optometry
Start Your Own Gig!
The "How"
Use Interviewers Name
Stay Focused and On Topic
Exude Confidence
Use Examples
Be Genuine
Focus on Your Value to Employer
Thank the Interviewer
The "What"
.....But Think Before You Spend!!!
Developing Your Career
Try to Think Like Your Employer.....
One Day That Perspective May Be Yours
Employer Expectations
Protect You AND Your Employer
Spells Out Terms and Expectations UP FRONT
If Employer Refuses Agreement (red flag)
Restrictive Covenants/Non-Competes
Confidentiality Agreements
. . . Just sign riiigggghhttt here . . .
Be sure to ask what is expected of you, if anything, beyond clinical care
Get Job Description Clearly Defined in Writing
DO NOT sign a non-compete; confidentiality agreement without a restrictive covenant is OK to sign
At-Will Employee Advice
If You Choose to Own Your Own Business, You Need Time to Learn the Business of Optometry
Owning Your Own Business . . .
- might refer to geography or locality
- kind of practice is it; is it the modality you saw youself practicing in
- is the an opportunity for eventual partnership? How to you approach this
Decisions, Decisions, Decisions....and How to Make Them
Most of You, after graduating Will NEVER
measure another NRA/PRA
measure accommodative facility
do a push-up amplitude
. . . and on and on
to see 15+ CEE per day minimum?
with skills to perform a CEE in 20 minutes or less, all with dilation and EO?
to pay down debt?
to avoid business mistakes or enhance business success?
to earn?
Are Your Professors Preparing You .......
Clinical practice realities in the working world
are much different than at your schools clinical
institutes or your rotations . . . .
Keep Patients Waiting in the Reception Area
Consult With Another Doctor In Front of the Patient
Reference Your Wills Manual in Front of the Patient With a Puzzled Look on Your Face
Appear Insecure or Unsure of Yourself
Be Late to Clinic
We Know What Goes on at Your Schools Clinic,
But In Most Job Positions It's Not OK to . ..
Your Employer Will Actually Expect You to Know
How to Fit Contact Lenses!!!
When Fitting Contact Lenses,
You May NEVER again measure
Sag Depth

You May NEVER use an
Optical Cross again!!!
Shocker #2!!!
"LARS" and "SAM FAP" are Much More Relevant to Daily Practice Then Knowing How to Treat Filamentary Keratitis . . . .
"I think that a lot of the times as students we think in pieces so it's important to piece everything together. Correlating what you learn in class to what you see in clinic is hard for students because a lot of them are so focused on making good grades that they forget how important clinical skills are."
Alma Hernandez, OD
U of Houston 2008
Experience Needed

Study Marketing

Don't Be Afraid to Make Mistakes, Just Be Prepared to Learn From Them

Ask, Ask, Ask

Befriend Several Bankers
Considering Starting Your Own Practice?
The Job Market
- LinkedIn
- ODs on facebook
- AOA Resources
- NewGradOptometry.com
Your Patients Don't Know What Your Grades Were . .
Most of Them Don't Even Know You're Not a "Moly"!!
They Don't Know if You Are A Good Doctor or a Bad Doctor

Their Only Gauge of Your Competence is if You Meet Their Needs
Get Your Customer Service Mojo On!
Retinal Imaging
Offer to Add a Specialty
"Boldly Go Where No Associate Has Gone Before"
Willingness to Be On Call
Willingness to Add On Managerial Duties

Sell 'em on Abilities . . .
Youbetcha, but first . . . .
Lawyer Up?
Determine What Salary to Ask For By Creating Your "Life Budget"
Determine Frequency of Pay (Weekly, Monthly etc)
Consider Asking for Production Based Incentive
Production Bonuses
Malpractice Ins
Life Ins
General Liability
Work Schedule
Professional Dues
Medical Insurance
Is This Really The Opportunity For You?
Know When to Walk away
The Interview!!!
Jan Jurkus, OD OM 9/1/05
Bring Up Salary/Benefits
Be Negative on Anything
Give the Impression You're Shopping Around
Be Aggressive
Jan Jurkus, OD, MBA OM 9/1/05
Numbers Game
3-5 Years of Tax Returns
Lease Agreements and Other Legal Docs
Office Docs/Appointment Books
Explanations of Unusual Business Practices/Erratic Spending Patterns
Appraisals on Both Sides
Downward Trends/Red Flags
Bookkeeping/Tax Discrepancies
Beware of "Selling" Potential
Buying A Practice
Gary Gerber, OM 9/05
. . . Evolves from Experience and Confidence
Clinical Job Performance
Dan Beck, OD OM 9/05
Don't "Instill and Chill"
Don't Examine Same Structure Twice
Mantra - Thorough, Friendly and FAST
Dan Beck OD OM 9/05
Educate Your Patients
Offer Alternatives
Show You Care
Pick Up the Phone
Write Letters
The "R" Word - Relationships
Success = Differentiation
Steven Cohen OD OM 11/05
Consider Your Time; Consider Living Close to Where You Work
You Spend Time In Your Home Community, Why Not Make It Your Work Community Too
Short Commute
Better Networking Opportunities
Much Better to Provide Urgent Services
Not Worth Risking Not Liking Your Area - Grass Always Seems Greener
Commuting/Being Far Away = Unecessary Stress and Unhappiness
Putting Down "Roots" = More Business
Location, Location, Location
K. Kerksick, OD OM 11/05
Meet MD/OD Colleagues
Join Chamber of Commerce
Be Vocal About Your Career
Community Service
Social Media
ODs on Facebook
Market Yourself - Kiss Some Babies
Think Like the Lenders Think
Run it By Your Accountant
Base Assumptions on Facts, Not Speculation
Make Projections Based on Research
Utilize Chamber of Commerce
Plan (As in Business Plan)
Services/Products You Plan on Profiting From
Consumer Benefits of Visiting Your Business
Summarize Your Accomplishments To Date
Discuss Capital Needs
Present Facts of Eye Care Market and Future Growth
Identify Market Niche
Job Titles and Duties of Staff
Fee Schedule and Mark-Up Formulas
Description of Proposed Recall System
Personal Financial Statement
Practice Financial Statement
Income and Expense Data
Neil Gailmard, OD, MBA OM 3/06
Someone Who Takes "Ownership" in the Practice
Someone Who Goes the Extra Mile
Someone Who Takes the Time to Understand What It Means to "Pound the Pavement"
Someone Who Understands The Business Takes Care of the Patients.
Professionalism and Ambition
What an Employer Looks for

Optometry Career Center on AOA WS
State Associations
Industry Reps
Local Optometry Meetings
Online Networking
Vision Expo Career Get-Togethers
Kim Ocampo OM 3/06
Traditional Employee?
Contracted Optometrist?
Know Your Liability Day One
If You Work Two Jobs, File Taxes Based on TOTAL
Salary at BOTH Jobs W-4; Witholding Based on TOTAL Salary
"If You're a Good Doctor, You Can Practice Where
You Want to Live, Even If The Area is Saturated.
Patients Will Find the Good Doctors".
MYTH: You Can't Open Up a Practice in a Saturated Area
Jamie J. Casper, OD OM 5/07

Reference Geographic/Demographic Data (Chamber of Commerce, Commercial Real Estate Salespeople, Developers)
Think Zip Code
Think Convenience and Population
Dan Beck, OD OM 4/09
Follow Your Passion
Know Your Area/Patient Base
Consider Competition
Consider Economic and Industry Trends
Don't "Box Yourself In"
Go All Out or Don't Bother
Career Decisions - Specialty Practice
Janice Jurkus, OD MBA OM 6/09

DON'T Be the One Wearing the Lampshade
DO Have Regular Meetings With Your Employer
DO Act Professional at All Times
DO NOT Friend Staff on Social Media
BALANCE Leadership and Friendship
Career Decisions - Around the Office
"I Would Have Stopped Working for a Commercial Chain Sooner and Started My Own Practice"
"I Would Have Used a Different Marketing Strategy to Grow My Practice"
"I Would Have Increased My Networking Efforts"
Bob Levoy, OD OM 11/10
Embrace it!!!!
Normal Course of Business
Cost of Doing Business
Marry it to a Budget
It's Not That Bad!!!!
"One Door" States - Independent ODs Share an Entrance With and are Considered Part of the Host Store
Legally OD is Affiliated with the Host Store

"Two Door" State - Must Maintain an Entrance Separate From Commercial Store and Considered Separate Legal Entity; Must Obtain Own Insurance, Telephone and Staff
For Commercial Practice,
Know Your States "Door" Laws
It's Not Just About Patient Care, It's About The Person in the Chair Care"
Summing it Up
Alan Glazier, OD, FAAO
Be Confident Without Condescension
Be Patient
Listen and Appear To Listen
Express Concern Regularly
Follow Up
Be Available
Dan Beck, OD OM 3/05
"Big Box" Doesn't Indicate "Small Scope"
Repayment Options - Talk to a Financial Counselor
Loan Consolidation - Can Extend Repayment Period
IRS Lifetime Learning Benefit and Student Loan Interest Deductions
Join the AOA - Support Your Professions Advocacy Efforts at Federal and State Level
Talk to Your Legistlator Patients About Your Medical Education
Join "ODs on Facebook"
Add Your Friends and New First Years
"Friend" Me and Keep In Touch
Honored to Mentor Students
Graduating . . .
Resources for Finding the "Where"
The "Why".... Why Are You Doing This?

Pound the Pavement
Get it Done . . .
Practice Where You Want to Live
Shady Grove Eye and Vision Care
Thank You UHCO !

New OD
Working World
- Human Resources
- Financial and Accounting
- Legal and Regulatory
- Customer Service
- Delegation and Time Management
32,000 +
Get as Much Done With Your Employer Negotiating Terms
and Using Internet Contracts as Possible
The Why
Personal Goals and Dreams
Family/Significant Others
Helping Others
Intellectual Fulfillment

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize
Don't Lose Sight of the "Why"......
Laser Focus ---- Ask if the Decision You Are About to Make Gets You Closer to Your "Why"
The Clinic
How Do You Make Your Money?
What Are the Terms?
What is the Competition Like?
What Does Corporate Do to Help Market?
Opportunity to Own More?
Can You Hire Doctors to Work There?
What Are Their Plans for Refracting Tech?
Debt as a Tool
Good Debt vs. Bad Debt

Bad Debt

Takes Money Out of Your Pocket

ex.. Credit Cards
Loan for Investment Property

Student Loans
Good Debt

Good Debt is an Investment in Your Future and Your Family's Future
Think About Each Encounter From the Patient's Perspective in Order to Create an Experience For Them
Harold Glazier, OD
PCO 1963
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