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Copy of Unit 4: Media Audience and Products

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susan beale

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Unit 4: Media Audience and Products

Unit 4: Media Audience and Products
On completion of this unit a learner should:
1.Know how a media industry identifies audiences for its products
2. Understand how media products are constructed for specific audiences
3. Understand how audiences can respond to media products
What is a Media Audience?
The audience is made up of those who read, listen to, watch or use Media. For example, if you watch Hollyoaks, you are part of the Hollyoaks audience. If you listen to Radio 1, you are part of the Radio 1 audience.

Audience come in many sizes - some are very small, and others are very large. For example, a local theater group might put on a play and perform to fewer than 50 people. At the same time, 12 million people might be watching Coronation Street.
What is a Target Audience?
A Target Audience is a specific group of people at which a product or marketing message is aimed.

E.g. A new diet product for men with heart disease.
This product would be aimed at middle aged men (40-55), who work behind a desk in poorer areas and who have lifestyle factors such as smoking, drinking and poor diet.

Just because you fall into a target Audience does not mean you will buy the product.
Broadcasters Audience Research Board
There are currently 5,100 homes in the UK which currently have a BARB panel which collects information about programme's being watched.
This records all the shows which are watched in the home.
This selection of 5,100 homes has viewers from all target audiences.
All homes are chosen randomly and everyone has the chance to be chosen.
Detail 4
What is a Media Product?
A media product is anything made by the media industries.
Example of media products include:
Television Programme's
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