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The Self-Manager Plan

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Dani Roach

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of The Self-Manager Plan

The Self-Manager Plan
Jane Slovenske of Arizona

What is it?
The Self-Manager teaches students to manage their own behaviors in a responsible manner.
The teacher has the students brainstorm behavior standards through class discussions about responsible behavior, how they treat others, and how to make sure they work hard to complete their work.
This application uses evaluations by not only the students, but the parents, as well.
The students create their behavior list, the application is sent home to the parents to agree on, then the teacher has to agree, as well.
To become a self-manager, the students must have all checks in the "Almost ALways" section of their behavior list.

How does it work?
This discipline plan is student-assessed.

The students assess their behaviors and standards every day.

Jane Slovenske says that if the teacher does not agree on the students assessments, the teacher must provide evidence as to why. The teacher and student must come to an agreement, but that this rarely happens because the students (with input from their parents) are honest about their performance.

First, what are the important factors in a discipline plan? (as stated by Harry Wong)
The three most important student behaviors that must be taught the first days of school are these: discipline, procedures, and routines.
What is the basic structure for a discipline plan?
1.) Rules: what the expected behaviors are.
2.) Consequences: what the student chooses to accept if a rule is broken.
3.) Rewards: what the student receives for appropriate behavior.
What is a self-evaluation?
Every six weeks, all students (including self-managers), complete a self evaluation.
The other students in the class can refine their behaviors and become self-managers too.
The class determines and agrees to privileges granted to those with a self-manager badge. These rewards could be anything from: being front of the line, sitting in special chairs, not having to ask to use the restroom, just anything that the students agree on.
What is the rewards program for the Self-Manager Plan?
The students are given a personal classroom checking account.
-They can earn money for their checking account by applying for a class job. These jobs have to be fulfilled for the student to get paid in their personal checking account.
These individual checking account balances are used throughout the year for infractions, (such as losing their badge) or at the end of the year for a class auction.
What is my opinion on this discipline plan?
I like this discipline plan in some ways, but in other ways I would change it up.
I think that a lot of students would feel left out if they were not a self-manager. If they keep working towards being a self-manager and do not become one, then their self-esteem could be lowered.
I also think it would be hard for the teacher to keep up with the students' own checking accounts. It would depend on what
grade the teacher was teaching if they would be able to grasp the whole concept of banking. I would not be able to use this in the grade I want to teach when I graduate.
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