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The Fault In Our Stars!

No description

Grace Campbell

on 21 March 2014

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Transcript of The Fault In Our Stars!

In the beginning, Hazel's mom, is trying to convince her that support group is something she needs for her depression. When Hazel gets into the church where the support group is and notices and guy is starring at her. When the support group starts everybody introduces themselves and how there cancer is doing. When the guy that is starring at her introduces himself as Augustus Waters and that he has been in remission for a year and a half. When he sits down he is still starring at her and she decides that the best thing to do is stare back. At the end of the support group Augustus asks Hazel what her full name is and she says Hazel Grace Lancaster. After she asks why he was starring at her and he said, because i like looking at beautiful things. Augustus asks her if she wants to come over to his house and watch Vendetta.

The Fault In Our Stars
Main Characters
Hazel Grace Lancaster~
She is a 16 year old girl with stage 4 Thyroid cancer. She was diagnosed when she was 13. She has a short boy hair cut and she has "chipmunk" cheeks because of the chemo. She is always hooked up to a her oxygen tank, which she pulls around where ever she goes. She always wears comfy jeans and a hoodie. Hazel's favorite show is American's Next Top Model (ANTM). She spent a lot of time by herself before she met Augustus Waters. Her favorite book An Imperial Afflliciton by Peter Van Houten.
Van Houten
Augustus Waters
Augustus Waters~ He was diagnosed with osteosarcoma when he was 15. Now he is 17 and has been in remission for about 6months. While he had cancer he had to amputate his right leg. He is tall and is very very very attractive in the book! He has brown hair and eyes. He used to be crazy good at basketball before he lost his leg. Everybody calls him Gus.Augustus's house is full of inspirational metaphors. He always has cigaretts with him because of his metaphor in life is to put the killing thing right between your teeth, but you don't give it the power to do its killing

The Fault In Our Stars!
Isaac is friends with Augustus and later becomes really good friends with Hazel. Isaac has a long face and long blonde hair. HE had a tumor in his eye so he had to have his eye removed. His (ex)girlfriend, Monica, have been together forever, but just before he has to have surgery to remove his other eye, she dumps him because it was to much for her to handle. He is blind most of the book and he plays a video game that you talk to.
Van Houten is the author of Imperial Affliction. During the book Augustus and Hazel email him during the book until they meet him in person. Hazel and Augustus both think he a genuine nice person until they meet him and see that he is a drunk. The book doesn't say how old he is, but I assume he's about 50. He lives in Amsterdam with his assistant Lidewij Vliegenthart. In the end of the book you learn that Imperial Affliction is based off of his life.
My personal opinion
I dont think you even have ask! This book mad me cry and laugh... I loved it so so so much!! I recommened this book to all the girls and all those "special" guys! This book had some of the best quotes ever!!
Indianapolis, Indiana~The setting usually takes place where sick people are like: the hospital, support group, and each others homes. Hazel's home is in a normal modern neighborhood, she spends most of her time in her room. Her house isn't really described, but in her backyard, there is a broken old swing set. Later in the book Augustus and Hazel sell the swing set to a "happy family in need of a swing." There is also a park nearby that Augustus took Hazel to for their first date.

On the third day of being at Amsterdam, Augustus and Hazel go to Peter Van Houten in his home. When they get there Peter's assistant opens the door and when Peter sees them he freaks out on his assistant, because he found out that the reason the kids were there were to make him stop drinking. As the visit continues Peter gets drunker and Augustus has to yell at him so he would stop being rude to Hazel. When they are just about to leave Hazel demands to for him to answer the questions she asked. Peter doesn't say anything and his assistant quits and offers to take Augustus and Hazel to the Anne Frank's house.
After they back home to Indiana, Augustus tells Hazel that he had a PET scan, and he lit up like a Christmas tree.
Augustus gets sicker and he knows that he gonna die soon, and he wants to know what people will say at his funeral so he invites Isaac and Hazel to the church, where they have the support group. When they get to the church Augustus is there and tells them that he wants to know there eulogies for his funeral.

Eight days later Augustus dies and at the funeral Hazel is surprised to see that Peter Van Houten was at there. After the funeral Peter tells Hazel that Augustus and him emailed after their trip to Amsterdam. Augustus told him that he needed to apologies for ruining their trip. He tells her the end of Imperial Affliction but she doesn't care anymore, because Augustus isn't here. Peter tells Hazel that Imperial Affliction is based off of his life and that Anne (Peter's daughter) died of cancer and that Augustus had written his own ending for imperial Affliction. Augustus emailed Peter the ending of Imperial Affliction for Peter to read at Hazel's funeral.
In the beginning of the story Hazel stayed at home and rereads the same book, but after she met Augustus she has makes new friends like, Isaac. She is still scared to die and leave all the people that she loves. She refers herself to a grenade and when she goes off (dies) she doesn't want the people she loves to get hurt. When Augustus tells Hazel that he is using his wish to take him and her to Amsterdam to meet the author of Imperial Affliction, Peter Van Houten, she is excited but doesn't want Augustus to waste his wish on a grenade . When they are in Amsterdam they visit Anne Frank's House and Hazel tells Augustus she loves him. When they leave Amsterdam, Augustus gets really sick from his cancer and almost dies a few times. Augustus doesn't want Hazel to see him being so sick, but she stays and falls more in love with him.
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