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Uglies Book Report

No description

Hannah McCray

on 9 May 2011

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Transcript of Uglies Book Report

Created by Hannah McCray
Tally lives in Uglyville where all of the Uglies live. Her best friend Peris just turned 16 which means he gets an operation to turn pretty and live in the best town ever, New Pretty Town. Tally can't wait to turn Pretty. Then she meets Shay. They become best friends, but theres one problem Shay doesn't want to tun pretty. Tally's been dreaming of turning pretty and havingas much fun as Pretties do her whole life. She even looks out the window and stares at New Pretty Town. Shay runs away to a place called the Smoke where everyone is Ugly. When Tally turns 16 she goes to get her operation. She waits in an office for what seems like forever. Then someone comes and tells her that there is a problem with her operation. They take her to a place called Special Circumstances where she meets Dr. Cable. Dr. Cable explains that she is there because of Shay running away. Dr. Cable says that Tally cannot become Pretty until she helps them find the Smoke and Shay. Tally thinks long and hard and decides that she is goinig to help Special Circumstances. She goes on her journey to get to the Smoke as the first person who has ever gotten there alone. When she gets there she meets David and realizes that she does not want to give up the Smoke and that she wants to stay there with David. David decides to introduce Tally to his parents, Maddy and Az. Maddy and Az explain what the operation really does to you, it leaves lesions in your brain. When Tally destroys the locket that Dr. Cable gave her so Special Circumstances can find the Smoke, she basicly let Special Circumstances find the Smoke. Special Circumstances arives the next morning and destroys the Smoke. Tally fights them off as best as she can. She ends up with a group of Smokies that have escaped. Dr. Cabel killed Davids father and Shay is now pretty. Maddy thinks that she can find a cure for the lessions but needs a person to test the pill. Shay won't try the pill, but tally will risk her own life, turn pretty, and take the pill.
Uglies mainly takes place in Uglyville, the Smoke, the Rusty Ruins, and New Pretty Town. The time frame is from about the begining of Summer to about mid-Autum. Setting Main Characters The main characters are Tally and Shay. Tally Youngblood is a daring ugly who loves to play the best tricks on the world around her. Even though she is very smart, she is not smart about what is outside of her dorm and school. She also does not think about how the operation will really make her act. Shay is another Ugly who loves to play tricks. Unlike Tally, Shay is aware of the world around her. She does not want to get the operation and knows almost everything there is to know about the odd time period and place she lives in. Conflict The main conflict in the book Uglies is Man Vs. Society. Dr. Cable tries to bring down the Smoke. Also, the Smokies try to stop Dr. Cable from finding the Smoke and taking it down. Genre The genre of the book Uglies is Science Fiction. This book includes ideas of science such as getting an operation to turn pretty, hovercars, hoverboards, and other ideas of fututre technology. As well as having Science ideas in this book, it also has fictional ideas such as characters that don't exist, places that don't exsist, etc. Theme The theme of this book is Human Beings All Have the Same Needs. This is because the world Tally lives in, everyone judges each other by their looks and nobody is good enough just as they are. They made an operation so everybody would be "pretty". As the title of the theme says, all human beings have the same needs, so why do that to everyone? Summary This book is an awesome book. It has impossible ideas but still has a plot. The story has regular problems with friends and boys. I would highly recomend this book to anyone who likes far fetched stories but not to the point where it is unbelievible. Movie In my opinion, the book Uglies should be a movie. I think this because the futuristic parts of the story would draw people to watching the movie. Some people do not liek future ideas in movies so that is why the other part of the movie/ book would be the actual story involving many problems and just a good plot. Also, the thought of having a world of seperated people would teach people a good lesson about how everyone is equal. The action, romance, suspense, and technology would make a perfect movie. I hope that one day the book Uglies will become a movie. A dynamic character in this book is Shay. She gets the operation which not only changes the way she looks, it also changes the way she thinks. She goes from loving the wilderness and being aware of her surroundings to going to parties and hating the outdoors. She also is very airhead like. Also Shay was mad at tally before her operation but somehow she changed and started being nice to her again. Dynamic Chaaracter Static Character A static character in the book Uglies is David. David stays the same throught the book with his love of the wilderness and his home, the Smoke. The End! My Opinion The shape and formation of my project represents Tally. Tally is always hiding due to her looks. It doesn't matter if you are sloppy lke my project just open up and share your personality with the world. Share what is Underneth you.
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