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Canada Prezi

Right one! ;-)

Althea Pappas

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of Canada Prezi


-A sweet wheat pastry , cooked by “floating” on top of hot oil.
-Name: looks a bit like a beaver tail
cinnamon & sugar (classic)
melted chocolate
honey, etc...
comes from Jewish delis in Montreal,
became so popular that the city got known for its smoked meat
served warm, on white bread, with mustard Poutine
-the maybe most popular Canadian dish
- from Quebec
-thick cut fries, with cheese curds and warm, peppery gravy Food FRIES CHEESE CURDS PEPPERY GRAVY POUTINE HOW TO MAKE POUTINE: Mmmmh...
Yummy! POUTINE Tourtiere
-a meat pie
-ground pork, veal or beef.
-from Quebec
-a Christmas dinner dish NANAIMO BARS Named after a city in BC Cake with different layers THEN A CREAM OF VANILLA FROSTING AND CUSTARD FIRST A CRUMB CRUST AND THEN MELTED CHOCOLATE ON THE TOP BEAVER TAILS There are many different foods in Canada, because many people emigrated to Canada, so the people from different countries brought all kinds of food with them. But we´ll show you some special food that Canada is famous for Maple syrup How is it produced: It was first discovered an used by native Americans in North eastern Canada Where does it come from: heated, bottled and directly sold -> 100% natural product! led to containers taken out by drilling holes into bark, trees rise sap in the spring, sugar maple, red maple, or black maple. For what do they use it: pancakes
ice cream
for sweetening , used like honey
in tea, sauces... SMOKED MEAT Sports baseball, basketball, cricket, curling, American football, soccer,softball,
ice skating, swimming, skiing, snowboarding, tennis. and, of course... HOCKEY National Sport
Canadian teams are the best in the world
everybody watches it
many children: Junior Hockey League
professionals: NHL (National Hockey League) Montreal Canadiens Vancouver Canucks Toronto Maple Leafs Ottawa Senators Edmonton Oilers Calgary Flames CURLING It is similar to bowls and boule
Two teams ( four players )
kick heavy granite stones, across the ice towards a circular target marked on the ice:
Each team has eight stones.
The winner is the team with the highest score;
points are scored for the stones which are closest to the center of the target. What is Curling? Lacrosse like hockey but on grass and with different rackets
"second national sport"
is played on fields, or inside in ice hockey arenas in the summer Winter Sports skiing
ice skating & ice dancing
curling climate is perfect for winter sports Celebrities General facts Canadian Identity Language THANKS FOR LISTENING We hope you enjoyed our prezi,
and learned something new! Location: North America, above USA Other facts
time difference: -6 to -9 h
Toronto: -6h
Vancouver: -9h

religion: 44% catholics
29% protestants
27% other climate:
winter : -10 to -40 degrees
summer: 20 to 40 degrees Canada has 10 provinces and 3 territories Canada Immigration land many different people many different cultures Currency: Canadian Dollars (CA $)
1€ = 1.3 $ Flag Languages: English, French
-> many other languages are spoken size: 10 000 000 km² population: 33 mil. density: 3.3 p/km² (one of the least populated countries in the world) capital: Ottawa biggest city: Toronto Canucks: another word for Canadians Ryan Gosling Nelly Furtado Alanis Morisette Avril Lavigne Michael Bublé Jim Carrey Sandra Oh Wayne Gretzky Justin Bieber Cobie Smulders Famous Hockey Player Actress; Grey´s Anatomy Actress; How I Met Your Mother Actor; A Series of Unfortunate Events Singer Singer... Singer Actor; Crazy, Stupid Love Singer Singer Celebrations Canada Day July 1st Celebrate independence from Great Britain Only time in the year where fireworks are allowed (except New Years´) Festivals, parties in the streets Indian Summer in the autumn "time of golden leaves" Thanksgiving Difference American & Canadian Thanksgiving:
Canadians celebrate earlier Turkey & Tourtiere No "typical" Canadian -> many different cultures Main languages: English & French 57.8% only English
22.1% only French
17.4% both Difference between US and Canadian English

out, house, about ("ou") - clipped "ou"
"z" = "zed"
adult - accent on the 1st syllable (A-dult) Inuit : Sinck Tuck Labrador: put candles into hollowed beets Nova Scotia: “Belsnicklers“
like Halloween Christmas Quebec: french – traditional Christmas Landscape
Artic ocean
Rocky Mountains
Mount Logan ( Yukon, 5 959m)
Great Bear Lake ( 114 700 km²/ Northwest Territories)
St. Lawrence Stream (1 240 km)
National parks: 44 in Canada
Wood-Buffalo-Park ( 45 000 km² / Alberta and Northwest Territories ) Poured maple syrup over snow -> ice cream National Anthem:
O Canada What makes Canada special: Open to all kinds of people Bicultural country: one country, 2 different cultures - many in Canada What is Canadian Identity? Boxing Day:
Day after Christmas,
people donate money to the church,
service jobs Spelling:
Mix between AE and BE
->colour, theatre (BE)
-> airplane, donut (AE) Words & Phrases:
- washroom: toilet/restroom
- Loonie/Toonie (1, 2 $ coins)
- Bunny hug: hooded sweater Entertainment Television 1960s Today Music Aboriginal music French music Traditional French Pop Canadian Music Traditional Canadian Pop Country, Folk music Movies Many American movies:
filmed in Canada (especially Vancouver,
Toronto, Montreal) James Cameron: Canadian Director
(Titanic) Nationalities:
First Nations
Greek After/During World War II - many people came to Canada (safe country) City with the most nationalities:
Toronto What makes Canada different from other countries (unique)
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