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Dinosaurs Natalia

No description

guildford public

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of Dinosaurs Natalia

Why did Dinosaurs become extinct?
Why did Dinosaurs become extinct? Everyone wanted to know this answer. Scientists are trying to find out. There are also a lot of theories about it.
In this topic no one knows why Dinosaurs became extinct. Even Scientists! Although no one knows why Dinosaurs became extinct, people made lots of theories.
The most popular theory is the Asteroid theory. In this theory, a large asteroid from space had hit earth. Scientists think that it threw so much dust into the air sunlight won't shine and all the plants and animals will die. Another Theory that is popular is the Ice Age. About 10,000 years ago a severe Ice Age could have changed the temperatures and frozen the water. The Dinosaurs couldn't live in such conditions and have extinct.
The last Dinosaur died 65 million years ago. The last Dinosaur to die was the Triceratops. There wasn't just 2 theories because i only named some. The theories include Ice Age, Disease, Supernova, Climate change, the Volcano theory and the Asteroid theory.
Scientists made up lots of weird theories that is not really true. We might not even find out how Dinosaurs became extinct! The fossils of the Dinosaur are recorded but there is poorly information of Why Dinosaurs became extinct. Scientists are also recording fossils underground in the deep sea to find out more information.
No one knows how Dinosaurs became extinct. You can seed, there are lots of theories about it. Which theory is your favourite?
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