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learning styles!

No description

Billie Ho

on 11 May 2013

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Transcript of learning styles!

Let's discover
the way
you & I learn! A study on learning style What are learning styles ? Types of learning style Learning style - Visual different approaches or ways to input and process information varies from people to people can be categorized into 4 main types so what are the 4(or 5) main types Aural Read/Write kinesthetic Multimodal Visual -organize information and communicate with others:
images, pictures, colors, and maps -visualize the objects, plans and outcomes easily in their heads. Visual learners what are they GOOD at? -spacial sense
-sense of direction
-dress sense
-colour balance
-great organizational skills
-good at remember faces you should: As visual learners..... look at the words printed on a page
Use visual recall as a learning strategy
'imagine' what something looks like so
you can remember it
watch a video or DVD * look at photos or images on a screen
* watch someone else perform a task or
* view yourselves performing a task or
activity via filming and subsequent
play back on a video camera IF you are a visual learner...
watch this video !! What about aural learners??? Learning style-Auditory -work with sound and music -prefer to hear information E.g. typically learn
most easily from
lectures, group
discussions, music, Aural learners what are they GOOD at? good sense of pitch and rhythm
able to clearly hear what is happening
verbalizing what they've learned As auditory learners... you should.. sound, rhyme, and music in your learning
Use sound recordings to provide a background
e.g. tape record your lectures
Use the anchoring technique to recall memory
create your own audio tapes by reading notes and information into a tape recorder -receive instructions aurally from speakers and recordings TIPS for auditory learners feel free to RECORD it... What about Read/write learners? Learning style- read/write enjoy reading
often take exhaustive or verbatim notes in class
work best in quiet areas
won’t hesitate to find a definition in a dictionary As Read/Write learners.... you should... Take notes, take notes and take notes
Rewrite the notes
keep a track of all the printout materials
Use bullet point to list Turn diagrams and charts into words More tips on read/write learning strategies... What about kinesthetic learners??????? Learning style-kinesthetic learn through experiencing/doing things experience the world and act out events uses sense of movement to
gain information kinesthetic learners are GOOD at....... speak with their hands and with gestures
remember what was done
learn from field trips and lab experiments
taking frequent breaks from work:P Tips for you who are
kinesthetic learners ! "Have you found you own way of learning??"
"Oh...then maybe...you are just like me..."
"What?!" We are the
MULTIMODAL learners!!!!! What are
multimodal learners? A balance of all learning styles
have preference based on personality
60% of population adopt this style From my experience...
I can easily remember the lyrics when I listen to songs.
I learn better when I watch video I have to write notes and rewrite them in order to memorize them thoroughly
I would prefer having hands-on experience than to just listening from others' experience you can see that: I adopt all 4 learning strategies i.e. auditory, visual, read/write, kinesthetic
I am a multimodal learner Multimodal learning Characteristic simply put : all the characteristics mentioned in the previous slides about the 4 learning styles Pros use all kinds of approaches
can process one information
using all kinds of styles
flexible about how we take in
and give out
able to match our preferences
with whatever modes use different ways to verify information which strengthen learning and understanding Cons spend too much time when they are taking different strategies to learn For example: If their teacher uses only one mode to explain something they may have difficulty learning that skill or information For example: One can gather the information received through auditory, visual, read/write and kinesthetic styles, and make it a powerful and organized infomation, which helps so much in understanding. example 2:
when others has adopted their only way of learning to receive certain information, a multimodal learner may still be frustrating on what kind of styles they should adopt to adopt the info., which wastes time. Reflection find out our own way of learning asap
to enhance our learning efficiency
find ways to improve learning like going to www.vark-learn.com/
attend a learning style test
I ,as a multimodal learner, I am eager
to find different technologies to help
myself to learn e.g. youtube, books,
field trips, music etc. do not be afraid to use different method (dont feel weird to read out the notes when studying)
it is important to help yourself to learn better your attitude affects your life-long learning
try to share your experience and listen to others' too, learn from others try to tell your teacher your preference of learning style
seek help from the experienced if you encounter difficulties in learning Attitude always adopt a curious attitude towards different new things you learned
be eager to learn new technologies, catch up the fast pace of technology development! life long learning is important because you cant just play work and sleep for your whole life, you have to improve yourself from time to time, in order to improve your own competitiveness there are old sayings like:
'It's never too late to learn'
'live and learn'
these are the meaning of life long
learning is always a crucial activity
in our life We started learning to say words like " papa and mama" when we were still babies....
so... why shouldnt we continue to learn more as we are stepping towards different stages of life? THE END -E.g. rotate images or
create mirrored images
in their minds,
making them adept at
arranging and fixing things. half-learn new material and
it is not fully understood at the same time when we are learning, we can also try to bring different innovations to people around us, to let them learn , to bring them the meaning of lifelong learning!!!! References http://sunburst.usd.edu/~bwjames/tut/learningstyle/
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