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Rapa Nui

No description

vanesa ribao

on 3 February 2011

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Transcript of Rapa Nui

Rapa Nui Se llama Isla de Pascua en Español
Se llama Easter Island en Inglés
Es parte de Chile La lengua oficial es el español o Rapa Nui
La gente es polinesio.
En Rapa Nui se comen la batata y el pescado. Rapa Nui es una isla volcánica En Rapa Nui es calor y sol
En Rapa Nui hay caballos, gallinas y vacas
It was discovered by a dutch navigator named Jacob Roggeveen. He dicovered the island in 1722. One of the major artifacts that was found is called the ''reimiro'' which is a brest accessory used commonly by men or women. Some men use it due to their rank as a chief or such. A few comparasions are shown by the Rapa Nui or Polynesian culture of religion, dance, and clothing Rapa Nui people originatedmostly from Polynesian islands but some were sent as slaves from Peru.
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