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Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is one of the greatest and most successful golfers in the world.

Adriana Lozano

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods one of the greatest and most successful golfers in the world. IS........ Tiger Woods December 30,1975 35 California Buddhist Elin Nordegren Sam Charlie 1996 "Tiger" Vuong Dang Phong Discovering the Talent
"The Mike Dougles Show"
"That's Incredible!"
"Good Morning America" Youngest Person TO Ever....... Junior Amateur
Optimist International Junior World
Grand Slam From the Start Win After Win Tiger Woods has won 95 touranments
Masters Tournaments
Open Championships
PGA Championships First To hold all four professional major
championships Money Making Machine His First Million $60 Million Most Marketable Athlete Endorsing Products: Nike
American Express
General Mills Helping Out Tiger Woods Foundation Bright future for young people Donation's
$3 Million NOW Masters 2010 Wins $330,000 Later Continue PLaying Continue Organizations Work Cited
“About Tiger Woods.” Tiger Woods. N.p.,n.d Web.19 Apr 2010. http//web.tiger woods.com/about tiger/bio “Tiger Woods.” Golf Legends. N.p.,n.d Web. 19 Apr 2010. http://golflengend,org/tiger-woods.php.
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