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Sewerage system failure - Northern Health LO info-session

What you would look for to identify potential health issues due to septic system failures.

Jim Green

on 15 March 2012

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Transcript of Sewerage system failure - Northern Health LO info-session

Septic Systems
NH LO information
Jan 2012
Septic Systems, when properly installed and maintained deal with residential sewage onsite for years with few problems.
When poorly installed or maintained and over time, problems can arise
Like what?
Too close to a well (recycling at its worst)
or other structure or property line
Minimal concern for you...
Failures though, can present real health issues
if not dealt with immediately. And due to weather
and money, repairs can lag.
Do they have a sewage problem??
any lagoon or raised mound disposal field should be
fenced off and protected
What would you look for?
If you see nothing, that's pretty good news!
If there is sewage on the ground though,
that's a problem... so what might it look like?
First, where the heck is it??
Some failing systems are fairly obvious
Some just make you go "Hmmmm..."
When they are flowing they have a certain look...
Raised bed - failing
Unfenced -overflowing lagoon
Generally we assume existing installations are good unless they prove themselves otherwise
And if you see unusual melting...
Lush lawn not always a good thing
Sometimes you get a little warning
So, What do you do?
You are not alone...
Let your client know that you are concerned
about what you see;
Give them your EHO's contact information;
Let your EHO know what you saw;
If sewage is noted on the ground in an area
accessible to the children, you may have to take
immediate action to ensure contact is not an option.
"Conventional" and Mound systems
look something like this
General lagoon layout
If you aren't sure what you have run into
your area EHO would be happy to join you on
an inspection and help establish whether there is an issue or not.
Thank you - Questions??
Somewhere between "nothing to see"
and an obvious nasty mess
could be some signs that you might ask about
or have investigated a bit closer.
Tank covers secure?
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