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Summer Intern 2013 Presentation

A presentation discussing my experience interning with the Chicago Housing Authority

Symone Howard

on 27 August 2013

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Transcript of Summer Intern 2013 Presentation

Other Cool Things That I Learned
Interning with the Chicago Housing Authority, Summer 2013
Thank you all for an amazing summer internship experience!
Career Goals
Confront issues of food insecurity in urban areas
Create healthy and safe environments for people of all backgrounds
Provide more high school students college prep assistance to ensure academic success
CHA's Role in Advancing My Career Goals
Opportunity to see how housing and more opportunities are provided to low-income Chicago residents
The link between housing and someone's environment
Being in the field
Going to the police station
Meeting great people
Eating great food every day
What I Learned
Importance of relationship between Safety and Security and the Chicago Police Department
How to pull video and use Google Earth
The many roles that Safety and Security plays within the CHA
How to cook a steak
How to utilize the grid system
How to keep time at a Board Meeting
Camera Inventory
Pin #'s
Safe Passage
Camera inventory
Project meetings
What Would I Do Differently/Change
More interaction with student interns
Asked more questions
Set more goals
A theme for intern group projects
The experience of Law and Order guest star
Educational Background
Junior at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine
Environmental Studies and Sociology Major
Future Graduate Student
My Expectations
Security Guards
Lots of driving
What I Got
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