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Promotion in the Marketing Mix

No description

Nathan Thomas

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of Promotion in the Marketing Mix

Promotion in the Marketing Mix
Above the Line Promotion
This uses advertising media over which a firm has no direct control.
Below the Line Promotion
Below-the-line promotion uses methods other than mass-media advertising, over which an organisation has greater control.
Why do you think that Beyonce declined not to receive a penny for her half-time Super Bowl performance?
2.4 million tweets!
Top 5 Watched Sporting Events
113 million tuned in
1 Billion Worldwide??
Madonna resultant downloads -
Vogue (+1033%)
Like a Prayer (+2437%)
Pepsi ($50 million contract)
Maybe it is because...
The Super Bowl is notorious for its TV Adverts
...and the costs incurred!
Why is this advert appropriate for the Super Bowl?
The most
possible selling
to the right prospects (markets) for the product or service at the lowest cost
Institute of the Practitioners in Advertising
Learning Objectives
All students will be able to describe what promotion is and how it plays an important part in the marketing mix.

Most should be able to explain above and below the line methods of promotion

Some could explain the advantages and disadvantages of the different methods of promotion.
Write a list of the media you would choose for two products or services.
Explain your choices?
Choose the advertising media
AIDA explains the aim of PROMOTION
Consider the AIDA Model
1) Capture ATTENTION
Made aware of the product

2) Create INTEREST
Awareness will stimulate interest

3) This will generate DESIRE

4) Call to ACTION
customers then make the purchase
Above the Line Promotion
Below the Line Promotion
What above-the-line methods are there?
Business Examples?
Sales promotions, e.g.
Buy one get one free (BOGOF)
PR e.g. through press releases
Direct mail
Point-of-sale displays
Do you know what company and what product was being sold?

13 million hits on You Tube!

Why was this method a success for the company?
Viral Marketing
1. Describe and give examples of above the line and below the line promotions.

2. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of ATL and BTL promotions.

3. Describe how the AIDA model links to the promotional mix?

4. Promotion is the most important element of the 4 P's. Discuss.
There is much more to promotion than advertising.
Businesses use various methods to gain publicity.
Kim Kardashian recently got paid $10,000 for a Twitter endorsement of ShoeDazzle.com
Examples of BTL?
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