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Alphabet and Vocab

No description

Dee Morssi

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Alphabet and Vocab

Pp Tt tiger teeth tree teacher parrot pencil pin pan orange octopus ostrich olives Xx x - ray fox box ox Uu under up uncle umbrella Ss sock soup seal saw Yy yo - yo yogurt yacht yarn Ww watermelon Cc camel Zz zig - zag Bb boat Ff fish Mm monkey Rr rabbit ant Vv Qq Jj wagon worm wheel frog fruit fan cat carrot cake zebra zoo zipper banana bicycle ball Hh mother moon mouse Oo rain rainbow rooster Aa astronaut apple alligator queen quilt quill quiet volcano van vegetables vet juice jumping
rope jet jacket horse hat hen helicopter Ii iguana igloo ink inchworm Gg Ee Ll Dd girl gate goose goat egg envelope elbow elephant dog duck dolphin drum lemon ladder lion lettuce Nn Kk necklace nurse numbers nest kite key kangaroo kitchen
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