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Turtle Toasties

Food Science and Technology- Product Development

Jenna Gargrave

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of Turtle Toasties

Turtle Bean toasties
Team 9 Thanks! Turtle bean
Toasties The Concept Product Brief The Plan
Starting Recipe ---> Launch
28 Weeks CRITICAL PATH: 12 weeks
determining packing to be used and issuing packaging specifics and issue slack time High in protein and fiber, tastefully seasoned with a hint of garlic, crushed red pepper, and olive oil; these crackers are a wholesome heart healthy snack you won’t be left feeling guilty over Stay lean and mean by eating these bean based crackers. The black bean flour formulation is jam packed with natural protein and fiber to keep you full and satisfied! THE GAP A healthy filling portable
bean based cracker The Consumer and the Conjoint Sample Size- 33
Constant- 34
All-Natural Black Bean - 11
Round Shape- 7
Roasted Red Pepper Seasoning- 12
Multi-packs of single serving sized crackers- 3
Total Score: 67 Available in local grocery, $4.99 for 4-packs of single serving sized crackers. Grab them and enjoy anytime, anywhere. Gantt Chart for Project Expected Normal Exciting Crunchy texture
Right color
No breakage
Not messy Satisfying
Clear intense roasted pepper flavor
Pleasant aftertaste
Right size Crispy texture
Bite size
Unique aroma and flavor Consumer Testing: November 20th

Launch Date: March 5th
Colon Cancer Awareness Promotion
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