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No description

Francisca Cárdenas

on 20 August 2013

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30 Nov 1874 - Winston Churchill Is Born
1893 Attends Royal Military College at Sandhurst
1900 He is Elected To The House Of Commons for the Conservative party.
1905 Winston is made Under Secretary of State for the Colonies
1911 Churchill is made the First Lord of the Admiralty for the first time
1919 Winston is Secretary of State for War and Air
1922 Winston loses his seat as MP for Dundee
in the general election
1924 Leaves the Liberals to rejoin the Conservative party. Is re-elected to parliament and is made the Chancellor of the Exchequer
1930s Out of office and largely out of favour, these are described as Churchill's "Wilderness years". He warns persistently of the threat of war with Germany
1939 Second World War - Winston is back as First Lord of the Admiralty
1940 Churchill: Prime Minister. "We shall never surrender"
1942 Churchill meets with Stalin and Roosevelt
1944 D-Day
1955 Winston resigns as Prime Minister
Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill,
1874 – 1965

In 1895 chuchill travels to cuba as war correspondent
Churchill fought in India and Egypt in 1898
1899 Churchill went to the Boers war
1914 First World War begins
1945 Victory in Europe. Germany surrender.
Churchill was defeated in election that year
1951 Churchill is re elected
1965- 24th January - Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill dies in London
1910 Winston becomes Home Secretary
Battle of Britain
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