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STOP: Notice and Note

No description

Sonia Smith

on 9 March 2014

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Transcript of STOP: Notice and Note

: Notice and Note
The Aha Moment!

The "Aha" Moment in literature
When you're reading and suddenly a character realizes, understands, or finally figures something out...you should
The "Aha" Moment continued...
If the character figured out a problem, you probably just learned the conflict

If the character understood a life lesson, you probably just learned the theme.

If the character realizes something important, then that realization will probably change his or actions in some way.
"Aha" Moment Bookmark
Retrieve a blank bookmark from the table in the back of the room. Create your own "Aha" moment bookmark to keep in your LA binder. You may use any markers or color pencils you choose.
Remember:When you're reading and suddenly a character realizes, understands, or finally figures something out...you should
and question
"how might this change things?"
What is an "Aha" Moment?
Watch the video below to find out just what is an "Aha" moment. When the video is finished, write the definition of an "aha" moment in your own words.
"How might this change things?"
Watch the clip from the movie "Ever After", starring Drew Barrymore. On your notes handout, describe the "Aha" moment for the stepmother and the stepsister. How has there revelation influenced their immediate actions?
Let's Practice
An "aha" moment is always revealed with very direct language. Characters often say, " I suddenly understood..." or "It came to me that..." or "Now I knew..." (Beers & Probst, 2013).
Sign post
Anchor question
Explanation of
close reading skill
Helpful Hints
Practice continued
"Hey wait... I said I was sorry, didn't I?" he asked, following us. "Look, what's a fellow got to do anyway? Hey, y'all, look, this here is ole T.J.? I ain't changed. Y'all can't turn on me just 'cause -"

"You the one turned, T.J.," Stacey called over his shoulder. "Now leave us alone. We don't want no more to do with you."

T.J., for the first time comprehending that we were not his friends, stopped [following us].
Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry: Chapter 8
Assignment: On your handout answer the following question "What is the "aha" moment T.J. has? How does T.J.'s "aha" moment about the Logan children and his friendship with them change things for him?
Independent Practice: go to the following link and complete the assignment. You have to open a new page and type the link in the web browser.

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