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The Significance of the Toulmin Method

No description

Jenny Lee

on 3 September 2013

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Transcript of The Significance of the Toulmin Method

The Significance
of the Toulmin

Definition of the Toulmin Method
Elements of the Toulmin Method
Why use the Toulmin Method
How the Toulmin Method Can Be Applied Today
Study Questions
Who is Stephen Toulmin
Fun Way to Remember the Toulmin's Method use:
you use the method as a "tool" to assist you in analyzing arguments.

Study Question Answers
A British philosopher, author, and educator
Influenced by Ludwig Wittgenstein
Life's works devoted to the analysis of moral reasoning
Thanks for listening!
Works Cited:
The Toulmin Method basically allows you to dissect the argument. Then when you dissect it, you can look through it and see how effective the content or argument is. You can also see what the author is trying to say or what he's arguing against.
According to Toulmin, the three parts of an argument are:
1. Claim, 2. Data, and 3. Warrant
What is Rhetorical Analysis?
Rhetorical Analysis breaks apart the parts of a writing and shows how they work together to state something. It focuses more on the written content of the writing.
Toulmin Method
helps analyze arguments more efficiently, this method is equivalent to a math formula. Math formulas help you solve the problem quicker, the Toulmin Method
helps you understand arguments quickly and thoroughly.
The Claim
The Data
What does the Toulmin Method consist of?
How is it used today?
What type of writing is the Toulmin Method usually used to analyze?

The Claim is the "general statement of the argument" it's basically what the argument is trying to say. It houses all the other parts.
The Warrant
This is the first thing you should try and find in an argument!
After you identify and understand what the argument is trying to say through the claim, look for qualifiers and exceptions.
words in the claim that make it more specific.
Ex: Many people prefer apple pie.
Many is a qualifier.
they are the opposite of qualifiers, Ex:
But I have tried apple pie and I hated it.

Do not get qualifiers and exceptions mixed up! They are different!
BA degree from King's College, Cambridge
Received his MA and PhD in philosophy from Cambridge University
First Published Book: An Examination of the Place of Reason in Ethics (1950)

University Lecturer in Philosophy of Science at Oxford University (1949-1954)
Second Book: The Philosophy of Science: an Introduction (1953)
Note: Qualifiers say how strong your argument is.
Ex: If the claim is MOST people like Candy Crush
, the word MOST really emphasizes that many enjoy playing Candy Crush.
The Exception is also known as the Rebuttal, and you can remember it easily because it's just an exception to the claim.
Claim, Data,
and Warrant
It's used to
analyze essays
After you identify the claim, you look at the
The Data is also evidence, reasons, or statistics that support your argument.
When using the Toulmin Method, make sure to look at your data, reasons, and evidence. Readers, when analzing essays, look at them to see if they are strong and factual to support the argument. All arguments need proof that what they are saying is correct.
The data can be statistics, facts, or examples.
Ex: "According to App Data Website, Candy Crush has an average of 15 million players daily."
Stephen Toulmin is a British philosopher, author, and educator
Rhetorical Analysis breaks apart the parts of a writing and shows how they work together to state something
The Toulmin Method allows you to dissect your argument
According to Toulmin, the three parts of an argument are: 1. Claim, 2. Data, and 3. Warrant
Fun Way to Remember the Toulmin Method ' s use: Toulmin's method, you use it as a "tool" to assist you in analyzing arguments.
Analyze your data and then move onto the last part, the
(What they are and how to identify them).
You make a Warrant based on what the data and claim say. The Warrant also includes reasoning why claim is backed by the data.
The Warrant is basically a connection between the data and claim
The End
Toulmin's theory states that the Warrant needs to be robust for the rest of the argument to be successful. If it is implied in the argument it is an Implicit Warrant, while an Explicit Warrant is clearly stated.
The Three Main Parts of the Toulmin Theory

Analyzing Texts
Allows you to analyze arguments faster
Reasons that support the Warrant are identified as "Backing"
It's more effective, easy, and organized
Allows you to identify the six main parts of an argument
Claim, Data, Warrant, Rebuttal, Qualifier, Backing
The Toulmin Method is more effective and organized and allows you to identify the six main parts of an argument
You can use the Toulmin Method for the SAT, rhetoric analysis essays and analyzing texts
Created by: Kirsten Hardnett, Miyako Yamamoto, and Jenny Lee
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Ex: Candy Crush is a fun game
A Modern Theory
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