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Amazon SWOT Analysis

No description

Nicole Hartman

on 22 May 2017

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Transcript of Amazon SWOT Analysis

Founded in 1995 by Jeff Bezos
Based out of Seattle, Washington
Online retailer that sells books, electronics, music, furniture, apparel, etc.
Similar to Ebay
Low cost structure
In 2016, Amazon earned more than $90 billion in online sales
By selling online, Amazon reduces costs it would have had from physical retail outlets
Largest merchandise selection
Amazon sells around 353.7 million products (Walmart only sells 38 million)
Huge number of third party sellers
Often offer products not available through Amazon products alone
Free shipping could cause loss of profit margin, less cost optimization
Only an online retailer, as opposed to in-store retailers
Bad publicity about avoiding tax payments
Shrinking profit margin due to price wars
Acquisition of more E-commerce companies to reduce the amount of competition
Company expansion to developing countries where the competition is low
Opening in-store companies across the world will help create loyal customers who will also use the online services to buy products
Developing an "Amazon" brand of products that will help Amazon have a competitive edge over other E-commerce companies
Rivals establishing themselves as electronic commerce retailers, primarily Wal-Mart
Wal-Mart has e-commerce in 11 countries
Wal-Mart is competition in U.S., U.K.,Canada, China, India, and Japan
Wal-Mart has a strong focus on expanding it's e-commerce
New fulfillment centers, fastet growing retail app, grocery delivery, and in-store pick up option
Amazon cannot match some of Wal-Mart's strengths
Amazon SWOT Analysis
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