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Waite Pharmaceuticals

No description

brooke hickman

on 23 April 2015

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Transcript of Waite Pharmaceuticals

1. Explain the board's selection of Standard Systems?
2. Types, sources, and amount of power.
3. How could Amelia increase her power and influence over the decision?
How can we fix it?
Whats the problem?
What would we do?
Simply, James the president at Waite, has legitimate power and influence when it comes to presenting his ideas to the Board. He may also show expert power because of the extensive research that was conducted on which company to choose. James used his influence and power to showcase Standard Systems as the optimal choice to go with. James totally ignored all of the work that Amelia put into the project, going with his personal feelings rather than logical choice for the company.
Set up meeting with James, explain the situation, if that does not work go above and talk with the Board.

What to do going forward?

To prevent this from happening again utilize your power through influence and politics in the organization. Gaining both will help in the future to make sure your opinion is heard and respected.
1. James - Company President - Hard Power - Legitimate

2. Amelia - Chief Information Officer - Soft Power - Expert

3. Lucy Lee - Executive Assistant - Soft Power - Referent

Use politics and influence to gain power in the company.

1. Appeal to a vision or higher purpose
2. Use rational persuasion
3. Help people like you
4. Rely on the rule of reciprocity
5. Develop allies
6. Ask for what you want
Amelia has all the knowledge needed to make Waite a power house in the pharmaceutical world. The only problem is the company's President, James and his 'totally proper' relationship with Lucy, his assistant.

Amelia - Knows what she is doing, and has done research needed to form an expert opinion that is not clouded with external factors.
James - Goes out of his way to prevent Amelia from presenting to Board of Directors.
Lucy - Has extreme influence over James.

James and Lucy have a less than proper relationship. Amelia does not possess the amount of power needed for this situation to go her way, or she does not assert herself enough.
Assert ourselves to James, ask him why he wanted to go with Standard Systems. Explain it is a great company, but they just are not big enough to handle this type of project, and giving it to them would mean putting Waite at risk for failure.
Leader Relationships
Main Characters:

James Hsu - Prez

Amelia Lassiter - CIO

Lucy Lee - Assistant
Waite Pharmaceuticals
is CIO at Waite Pharmaceuticals. Trying to increase profits in a business where it takes 10-12 years to bring a new drug to the market, Amelia develops a plan. Having 'expert power' in IT know-how she works closely with an IT director to develop a cutting edge global knowledge sharing system. This system will help Waite Pharmaceuticals gain a competitive advantage in the market, as well as increase productivity and cut cost. Sounds like a win-win?

Not quite.
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